At Choice, our team is made up of all women. While we are all different ages, come from different backgrounds, have different interests, strengths, and weaknesses, together we create something fierce. Isn’t that the beauty of women empowering women? We have witnessed firsthand the warriors and world-changers that women can be, and are so incredibly proud and honored to be playing such an important role in cultivating an environment where women can succeed. However, we know that the rights we have today were not simply given to us. Many decades ago, women fought so that their great, great-granddaughter may have a better life than she did. 


100 years ago, on August 26th, after tireless years of fighting and advocating for the right to vote – women finally won, with the adoption of the 19th amendment. Today, we celebrate that win known as Women’s Equality Day. 


Today, we honor the strong-willed, intelligent, brave, independent women that fought so diligently for our voices to finally be heard. Those who risked everything they had for us to have the right and the ability to stand for something and make a change today. Women like Susan B. Anthony, a social reformer who believed so deeply in equality for all that she was arrested, verbally abused, and mocked. 


Today, we celebrate the progress that has been made over these last 100 years and acknowledge the change that is still to come. Unfortunately, many women are still fighting for gender equality, from voting to the wage gap, to access to basic healthcare needs. However, together, we as women can build a better tomorrow by honoring the right that the women before us fought over 100 years for us to have. 


While we highlight and celebrate all of these wonderful things today, our challenge to you would be that you think beyond this one day. This has to be an ongoing conversation of celebrating, honoring, serving, leading, and empowering women. Day after day. We simply can’t post on social media for one day, and that be the end of the conversation. 


Heather recently shared the story of a young girl at her son’s school who began her own baking businesses. After learning about this, Heather spoke with the young girl’s mother about baking a cake for a photoshoot we were having, and how we would absolutely love to feature the cake in the photos. This got Heather thinking about how we can be empowering, leading, encouraging, and serving girls and young women to become women of intelligence, power, and strength. 


We challenge you – don’t let today be the only day you celebrate. Celebrate women all the time. Figure out ways to lead, serve, and help them so that they can be successful and strong women who lead the girls behind them. We encourage you to vote, to educate yourselves on how you can play a part in spurring change in the world, or simply how you can encourage and empower other women who are fighting for the same mission. We’ve said it many times before, but it bears repeating, we aim for iron to sharpen iron, and it is our commitment to cultivate an environment where women feel empowered and seen.


    AUTHOR: Hannah Harter
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