Together we have created the ultimate summer bucket list that will fill our summer with new adventures, time away from home, and lasting memories. 


Choice Summer 2020 Bucket List

  • Visit a new Beach The beach is my happy place. If I could enjoy a mini vacation at a new beach location it would make my summer. (Kristina)
  • Go horseback ridingI have been wanting to go since I moved to Nashville 4 years ago (Kristina)





  • Drive the Natchez Trace Parkway at sunrise – I’ve always wanted to take this scenic drive, and I think sunrise or sunset would be the perfect time to do it. (Maddie)
  • Enjoy a girls weekend – Whether it’s spending time at the lake, in a new town or just at my home, I’m craving some time with my closest girlfriends! (Maddie)
  • Paddle board I’ll be in my happy place, Jamaica, in August and our resort offers paddle boarding. I’m so excited because I’ve always wanted to try this but I can’t balance to save my life so I’m sure it will be entertaining. (Devin Lee)



  • Learn a Tik Tok Dance I don’t have a Tik Tok and do not want one but the dances look FUN! All my friends littles catch on so quickly and I think it would be fun if they taught me one. In exchange, I’ll teach them my famous dance move. Keep a look on Instagram for both! (Devin Lee)
  • Get a Tan – I know this sounds like a given for summer BUT I can honestly say I haven’t had a tan in probably 5 years. Most summers I only get sun while on vacation but this year I want to make an effort to get more sun more consistently! (Devin Lee)
  • Kayaking Down the Caney ForkWe took our boys kayaking for the first time two years ago and we were immediately hooked. It’s the perfect summer escape and the Caney Fork is calm, beautiful and exactly what we need to unplug from the world and reconnect with each other. (Heather)
  • Read a Book and Take a Nap in a Hammock – Resting and relaxing in a. hammock feels like the quintessential summer activity. Except, I haven’t done it in YEARS. I’m committed this summer to a beautiful book and a long nap in one with a cool summer breeze on my face. (Heather)
  • An Overnight Getaway with Matt – 24/7 with each other since early March has taken a toll on our marriage. We are deeply committed to each other and we find that getting away from all the noise and just spending alone time away (from the boys, work, our house and all our responsibilities) is exactly what we need. (Heather)
  • Go on a road trip with my son – Liam and I haven’t been able to travel much since quarantine, so my goal is to take at least two road trips this summer instead of flying places. I want to travel where we can be outdoors and go hiking, fishing, and swimming! (Laura)



  • Learn German – I lived in Germany over ten years ago and most of the German I picked up I don’t know anymore. I loved Germany and everything about their culture. I’m hoping to get the fundamentals down again so sometime in the next few years I can go back and make a trip. (Laura)
  • Add to my book collection – I absolutely adore reading, and have had lots more free time to do this now that I’ve been inside more. I love buying books and then collecting them on my shelves for Liam to play with. (Laura)
  • CampingCamping is the epitome of social distancing! My husband and I love to camp at Elkmont in the Smokies. Often, it ends up being a fall or spring trip because the weather is so cool, but I love how warm the water is during summertime. This summer, I want to unplug, step away from the couch I’ve been glued to for three months, and get outside. (Kerry)



  • Staycation Brewery Tour – My husband is a brewer in Knoxville, so craft beer is a passion of his and part of our lives. We often travel to other cities for brew trips – Asheville is an absolute fav – but there are breweries in our own back yard that haven’t visited. We want to take a tour around our sweet city and get to know some local breweries we haven’t tried. (Kerry)
  • Friends Trip – We are really close to our families and love to spend time together. We take trips with both sides of our family each summer, and they are some of our favorite times. This year, we want to reignite a favorite college tradition of friends trips. We can’t wait to spend intentional time with our friend group, outside of the hustle of everyday life. (Kerry)


Is there something you have been wanting to try? The best part about a bucket list is that it can be customized to you! We have given you a few ideas, pick and choose ones from this list or totally create your own. Whatever you do, make sure this summer is one to remember.

    AUTHOR: Kristina Martin
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