As we look to this crazy season with spring finally feeling like it should and summer just around the corner, we’re getting our to-do lists, desktops and long-term happiness in check. All while making sure we have fashionable footwear and the perfect home décor! Here’s to another list of what we’re loving right now . . .

My Current Obsession

I have to be honest, I was a bit skeptical when I learned that Birkenstocks were making a resurgence on the fashion scene. All I could picture were the brown Birkenstocks I wore in elementary school. But Y’ALL, they have upped the footwear game. I purchased a pair of Metallic Copper Arizona Birkenstocks and I am obsessed. Not only are they cute, but they are comfortable. I know sometimes comfort has to be sacrificed in the name of fashion. Well, not today. If you aren’t aware, Birkenstocks have a cork footbed that form to the shape of your foot. So, it’s like wearing a shoe made just for you! I am looking forward to wearing these all summer.

Heather’s Current Obsession

Who doesn’t love to check off items on a list?! Knock Knock Notepads get me checking off those boxes in a very clever and creative way. Ranging from the usual “To Do List” to “Paper Compliments” –they help me organize my life as business owner and mom of two boys, while keeping it fun. They also translate well out of the office. Always forget the milk? There’s a notepad for that. Don’t know what to make for dinner? They’ve got you covered there too with their weekly meal planner pad. I like to keep the “All Out Of” and “Eat” notepads on the side of my fridge. They’re magnetic, so it comes in handy to stick right on the fridge and mark the list when I’m out of something. When it’s time to go to the grocery store, your list is all ready to go! And guess what? They make really great gifts too! Who doesn’t need a little organization in their life? Talk about functional.

Kerry’s Current Obsession

There isn’t anything I don’t love about The Everygirl. Launched by Co-founders Alaina Kaczmarski and Danielle Moss, The Everygirl provides daily, in-depth articles on everything from career tips and financial advice to work style features and the latest beauty trends. Everyone I know can benefit from the guidance provided by these amazing, inspired and stylish women. One feature I look forward to every single month is the free, downloadable tech backgrounds. Designed for both desktop and mobile use, these gorgeous and functional (some of them are calendars!) backgrounds are the perfect way to stay on track and inspired all month long. Check out the April backgrounds here (I have the stunning purple floral calendar on my desktop). And don’t forget to check back each month!

Tamara’s Current Obsession

The opposite of joy is not sadness, it’s apathy. Take “tours of meaning.” Don’t double down on stress. These are just a few of the many powerful lessons and applications that resonated with me in Shawn Achor’s latest book – “Big Potential: How Transforming the Pursuit of Success Raises our Achievement, Happiness and Well-Being.” Shawn, a pioneer in the field of happiness research, describes the science, data and stories behind how thinking about our lives from an individual perspective limits our success and long-term happiness when compared to what we can achieve when we think of others. It brought all the pieces together for me – why having gratitude makes the day better, why my happiness suffers when I’m not serving others, why I was so attracted to what Choice stands for, why our team dynamic is so fulfilling. I love that the book also offers practical applications that can help transform our everyday habits and thinking. If you read it, too, tell us what you think!

Devin Lee’s Current Obsession

This week I sold my beloved townhouse and started packing to move into a house my fiancé and I built over the past six months. During the building process we learned our style was very much the same as #ChipAndJoanna. Through all the major construction decisions we found ourselves asking WWC&JD (What Would Chip & Joanna Do).  Now that we’re past the construction phase and on to the decorating phase, we find ourselves asking the same question. That’s why I LOVE The Rusted Tulip! This adorable shop has everything my farmhouse-inspired house needs and it’s less than two miles from my house. The staff is super friendly, and they regularly update their social media with new product they have in stores. I can’t wait to fill my new home with pieces from my favorite local shop.

I believe if Chip and Joanna were traveling through the Middle Tennessee area they would stop at The Rusted Tulip – maybe Jeremy and I will see them there!


What are you loving right now? Share your favorite inspirational books, ways you stay organized and fashionable finds with us!

    AUTHOR: Maggie Rheney
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