Summer is officially here, and we are on cloud nine! For us, summer includes investing in friends, family and ourselves. This is a time when we take an extra minute to recharge and we let ourselves indulge in some of our favorite things. This month we found new hobbies, binged on some juicy new shows and even took a team retreat, in Mexico! Our June obsessions are all about the ways we are treating ourselves, allowing us to invest more in all aspects of our lives.



My Current Obsession


If you know me, I am always searching for quick, healthy treats. I constantly find myself in a rush at some point of the day and in a bind for a snack that both tastes good and one that will give me the nutrients I need. Whether it is a breakfast supplement to give me energy for the day, a pre-CrossFit snack or a treat before bed, I have found my answer! Earlier this year I discovered Perfect Bars, and let me tell you, I am hooked (maybe even addicted)! They are full of complex carbs, protein, superfoods and they taste amazing. The dark chocolate chip peanut butter tastes like cookie dough, I promise. I do not see this obsession ending any time soon! Make sure you go try one and give yourself a little boost this summer.



Heather’s Current Obsession

Since the debut of “Beverly Hills 90210” (#TeamDylanForever) when I was a freshman in high school, I’ve always had a high school/college dramedy television show going. I’ve worked my way through “Dawson’s Creek,” “One Tree Hill,” “The OC,” “Gossip Girl,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “Vampire Diaries,” “Riverdale,” a “90210” reboot, as well as a new “Dallas.” The list goes on and on. But, what history indicates is that I’m a sucker for a young adult, pop culture-driven, heartthrob laden show that is what I refer to as mind-numbing entertainment. So, imagine my surprise when my dear friend (and fellow teen show obsessor) Lindsey Nobles, told me about “Younger” and I hadn’t seen a single episode yet. It has all my favorite things: a strong ensemble cast, high fashion, the backdrop of New York, great dialogue and it’s all set within the publishing world – something I know a great deal about. But, my favorite part is that the key to the show’s success is the dynamic between millennials and Gen Xers. Their powerful, sometimes toxic, always changing relationships are the show’s driving force. The Cliff Notes? A 40-year-old woman, Liza, suddenly finds herself divorced and with a daughter in college to support. Trying to return to the publishing world that she’s been absent from for 15 years, she cannot land a job until her best friend suggests lowering her age on her resume. Voia! She’s in. And with the new publishing job comes crazy dynamics among her “peers” and “mentors.” Should she date the 26-year-old hunky tattoo artist, Josh, who picked her up in a bar or risk her job and give into her desire for her age-appropriate publisher, Charles? It’s just too much fun and a perfect way to spend lazy, late summer nights. I watched the previous four seasons too quickly and now am caught up on season five and dying for every Tuesday night. Tune in and join me!


Kerry’s Current Obsession


In my latest blog post, I talked about living in Knoxville while my work is in Nashville. Because of this, I drive back and forth often. While I truly love music, and I use that drive time to find new bands and songs, lately I’ve been turning to podcasts to pass the time. Not only do podcasts make the time fly by, but I am learning new things, gaining tips for work and life and identifying areas of interest I never knew I had! My current favorite podcasts all come from Parcast , a company focused on creating well-research, scripted, story-driven programming. My current preferences include Conspiracy Theories and Gone, but I also love Great Women of Business and Unexplained Mysteries. They are all so good – it’s difficult to choose a favorite. Check them out wherever you listen to a podcast!


Ashley’s Current Obsession

I have recently developed an unhealthy affinity for all Bath & Body Works products. Soap, lotion, hand sanitizer, candles, you name it and I own it. Probably in five different scents. If you love smelling good, spending an hour testing out ten different lotions and leaving the store with a hole in your wallet, Bath & Body Works is the perfect place for you. Their products are known for their quality and will leave your house, or you, smelling great all day long. And lucky for us, it’s that time of the year when all of their products are at least half off. That’s right, 3-wick candles for $10.50, hand soaps for $3 and lotion for $6.50. This sale is my best and worst nightmare. It lasts for several weeks and at the end of it I always end up with at least ten new products for my home. I’ve already been three times so far but now that I’m thinking about it I may need to go back one more time… do you have a favorite scent that I should look out for?


Trisha’s Current Obsession

Listen, people. I love a fresh brewed K Cup at home or a foamy warm almond milk latte as much as the next girl. But, what’s keeping me going this summer is iced coffee. I have many, many favorites, but when I tried the Shaken Coconut Cream Cold Brew from Just Love Coffee & Eatery in Murfreesboro, I knew I met my true summer love. With this middle Tennessee heat and humidity (literally, my natural curls are currently hitting the ceiling), hot coffee is out of the question after 10 AM. Plus, I feel good knowing the company’s altruistic acts (they gave away just under $100,000 to the community in their first year of business!) are an overflow of their hearts to love locally, love hand-roasted coffee, love people, and love the community.




Devin Lee’s Current Obsession

When I’m not laser-focused on securing media for clients you can find me in the kitchen. I find cooking healthy gratifying and stress relieving. Last summer, I noticed I kept adding fresh herbs to my online grocery order. This year I decided to skip the grocery store and grow a little herb garden. Now, this was a stretch for me because last year I murdered a cactus. The city girl in me felt like a farmer potting 6 different herbs but things didn’t go well. My herbs looked sad and not as they should. After killing the basil plant, I consulted my co-worker Kerry who’s secret weapon is her green thumb. She recommended I use Vigoro’s All-Purpose Potting Mix soil and I immediately noticed a difference. My herbs look so happy and healthy. But more importantly, they taste delicious!





What is your current obsession? Share with us what you are loving this summer!

    AUTHOR: Sarah Tuttle
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