Today at Choice, we’re sharing our current obsessions, which makes us feel a little like Oprah!

We all know (and love) that amazing feeling when you find the perfect song, fall in love with a new shade of nail polish or discover a new restaurant. You make sure your mom goes and gets the life-changing lip balm, you gift the best smelling candle to your best friend for her birthday and you mass email the link for the most comfortable heels to your girls at work! You’re obsessed – it’s what you have to do!

Our team is constantly sharing products we love with each other, and we think it’s high time we share them with you!

My Current Obsession

Since joining Choice in January I’ve already discovered a few must-watch movies, books and hair products from my wonderful new team! As a bride, 87 days away from her wedding (who’s counting/stressing?), distractions are good! That’s why my current obsession is the How I Built This podcast – I get lost listening to the amazing interviews by Guy Raz. Business owners and their ability to take risks and to follow their dreams has always fascinated me. Guy interviews creators of the world’s best-known companies; the conversation explores and explains their top successes
and their worst failures. It’s fascinating to hear the stories and learn how real the people behind the products I use in my daily life are. Maybe one day I’ll be the owner of a local boutique or invent something and go on Shark Tank; but for now, I will live vicariously through the inventors of Kate Spade, LinkedIn, Dry Bar and so many other impressive businesses.

Heather’s Current Obsession

We have a tradition on Christmas Day of going to the movies as a family and ending the night at Waffle House for dinner. It’s one of my most favorite things we do together at the holidays. This year there was no option offered to anyone in our family. I was determined we were going to see “The Greatest Showman” – no discussion. It is hands down one of the best movies I’ve seen in years – seriously, YEARS. I was moved to tears numerous times during the show. Why? Because it is inclusive. It is a story of overcoming. It is heartfelt. It is empowering. But, more than anything, because it has the most incredible soundtrack that carries the storyline and the film. With lyrics including this from “This is Me:”

     Another round of bullets hits my skin

     Well, fire away ’cause today, I won’t let the shame sink in

     We are bursting through the barricades and

     Reaching for the sun (we are warriors)

     Yeah, that’s what we’ve become (yeah, that’s what we’ve become)

     I won’t let them break me down to dust

     I know that there’s a place for us

     For we are glorious

My boys, 11 and 8, have played it non-stop since that day. We traveled to Virginia over New Year’s. An eight-hour car ride each way. They listened to it on repeat. Every lyric sung at the top of their lungs. And, I’m proud that these are the words that are constantly running through their heads – that this message of acceptance and love is permeating their hearts. Justin Paul and Benj Pasek, well done. You are extraordinary talents. May God’s gifting in each of you continue to be a blessing to so many, like the Adams in Tennessee.

Kerry’s Current Obsession

My forever obsession is my pup, Lola. And any dog I see: anywhere, ever. So, I am all about one of the best Christmas gifts I received – a monthly delivery of Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. was born out of their passion to give back to the animals who selflessly provide humans with so much happiness. Committed to using fair trade organic, whole bean coffee, 20% of all their proceeds support no kill rescue organizations. You can order or gift coffee, monthly coffee subscriptions, mugs and more. I received a year subscription to the Sit & Stay Blend and I am in love – with both the coffee and their mission.


Maggie’s Current Obsession

The Home Edit is easily one of my favorite accounts to follow on Instagram. If you’re not familiar with them, they are a Nashville-based “full service home organization company.” They’ve organized for a handful of stars including Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling and Rachel Zoe and have been featured in outlets like Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal and People. Their Instagram account is filled with images of beautifully organized pantries, closets, drawers, shelves and everything in between. I mean, who knew a battery drawer could look so fabulous?! To say that their work is aesthetically pleasing to the eye is an understatement. The real magic unfolds on their InstaStories, where owners Clea and Joanna share hilarious anecdotes of travel, work and life. Be sure to check out their blog as well where they pull back the curtain on their talents with expert tips and tricks and a lot of fun.

Tamara’s Current Obsession

Approximately 99% of the beauty products I use regularly are part of my regimen because someone I know recommended them. My current beauty product obsession is no different. I’ve never been completely satisfied with the dry shampoos I’ve tried, mainly because they tend to either make my hair too white and flaky (especially during these dry winter months), or they don’t do enough to matte my roots. After hearing a rave review of a dry shampoo from one of the biggest beauty gurus I know (as in, I’ll try basically anything she says is awesome), I tried the Kristin Ess Style Reviving Dry Shampoo and haven’t looked back. I finally found a dry shampoo that does the trick to give my hair a clean and healthy look, but that doesn’t come with a powdery look, white flakes or a weird texture. Kristin Ess is available only at Target, and the great news is that it comes at a great price point. P.S. I’m making my way through other products in her Dry Styling + Finishing line, and I love everything I’ve tried so far.

We know these products are thinking “why are you so obsessed with me” but we can’t help it – we love them!

Obsessions come and go, so throughout the year we’ll keep you updated on what our latest obsessions are. And we’re always looking for new products, podcasts, movies, books and trends to obsess over, so what is your current obsessions?

    AUTHOR: Devin Lee Duke
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