Here in Tennessee, we have officially survived the flood of 2019. With sunshine peeking through and the gray skies and rain behind us we are SO looking forward to spring! Our team is preparing for what comes along with the better weather and longer days. From spring cleaning, to new fashion and beauty products, and of course, time outside, we are here to share our current obsessions! Keep reading to see what everyone is thrilled about as we head into a new season of life.


My Current Obsession
Marie Kondo. Need I say more! The Netflix series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” has truly sparked joy in me (pun intended). Marie’s KonMari Method was something I did not know I needed until it was right in front of me. I have only accomplished the first step of the checklist, clothing, but it is such an eye opening process to see how much you have and actually don’t need. I have always loved organizing and keeping my space clean but one thing I have struggled with is letting go of items that are not essential. Through deciding what sparks joy in me, I have been able to tackle this hurdle of holding onto items that are just taking up space. If you haven’t watched the Netflix series yet or learned about the KonMari Method, I highly recommend diving into this process no matter what stage of life you’re in. This is a great way to jumpstart your spring cleaning!


Heather’s Current Obsession

Our team knows me so well. Recently they gave me the Mark & Graham Commute Clutch for my birthday. Monogrammed with my initials and in my signature red, I am so in love. It’s absolutely THE PERFECT piece to take from the office to date night. I filled it with all the essentials (wallet, phone, AirPods, lip gloss, gum, jotter pad, pen, etc.) and dropped it down into my big work tote for day and can easily just pull it out and take it with me for drinks after work, a quick run into a store or the like (where I don’t need to lug my huge bag). It’s also big enough to fit my iPad if I’m on the go and don’t want my laptop. I am totally obsessed. What a thoughtful bunch! They know my love language for sure. 🙂


Kerry’s Current Obsession
One of my all-time favorite blogs is Young House Love, run by writers, bloggers, product designers and parents John and Sherry. They are hilarious, talented, and full of amazing advice. On the blog and socials (trust me, you DO NOT want to miss Sherry’s InstaStories), they share DIY projects and updates from their projects. We are in the never-ending process of renovating our home, so I am obsessed. In 2016, they launched their podcast, Young House Love Has A Podcast, where they share similar stories, but they also recount hilarious hijinks and life advice. Go listen and subscribe – you won’t want to miss an episode!


Trisha’s Current Obsession
It is seriously hard for me to condense my love for my favorite Nashville-based boutique, Vinnie Louise, into one single paragraph. Shopping at Vinnie is like shopping with your trendiest, most budget-conscious, honest friend who tells you what looks good on you (and what doesn’t). Whether you just graduated college or just had a baby, the folks at VL make you feel welcomed and cared for. I don’t know about you, but I’ve walked into boutiques in the past where I feel like I’m having to prove myself to be there. The opposite is true at Vinnie! I love this organization’s mission to cultivate one-of-a-kind, affordable items that bring out the best in every woman. Plus, VL just launched a new storefront in downtown Murfreesboro and I can’t wait to be a frequent customer in my hometown!


Devin Lee’s Current Obsession
Laundry is my least favorite house chore. It takes forever, and I never feel like I can check it off my list. I’ve heard about laundry pods for a couple of years but always thought they were not a smart choice for my budget. Then I listened to a friend rave about how she switched, and it saved money because it eliminated the overuse of detergent per load. So I decided to take the risk and try the Laundry Detergent Power Pacs out! While I do not believe this switch is saving me money I do know it’s simplifying my chore and I can pay a little extra money for that!


Sarah’s Current Obsession
If you know me, you know my obsession with all things Glossier is real. I love trying out new skincare products and when I find some that work, I am loyal! I have been hooked on Glossier since using the moon mask, which is an intense hydrating treatment made with sweet almond oil, plant-based squalane and hyaluronic acid. Recently, I was in the market for a new foundation and I decided to try out the new Glossier Perfecting Skin Tint, whose slogan is “More Skin, Less Makeup.” One reason I love Glossier is because they make products inspired by the people who use them, their customers. They also believe in skin first, so you only use makeup for fun, not as the fix. That is why I am obsessed with their Perfecting Skin Tint. It evens out discoloration and leaves your face looking toned, smooth and dewy. This will not cover you up, which I love. If you are looking for a natural, dewy look, this is for you!


Lena’s Current Obsession 
At the beginning of this year, my husband and I ventured out to Burgess Falls in Sparta, Tennessee. We took the back roads and took our time driving to the park. Once we arrived, it was a little over a mile hike to the falls, and I just was mesmerized the entire time. I couldn’t believe that we were still in Tennessee, and not that far from our own hometown (about an hour and a half). The falls were beautiful, and I was hooked. On the way home, I looked up other waterfalls in the middle Tennessee area, and I made a list. There are 8 falls on my list, and every month, we have ventured to a new state park. We’ve enjoyed driving backroads, seeing all the sights and getting to know a different side of our beautiful state. And we have seen some gorgeous waterfalls. This month, we traveled to Foster Falls which is located in the South Cumberland State Park. Out of all the falls we have seen this year so far, Foster Falls was my favorite. It was almost dreamy — like we were in a different land. I love being outside, and getting this time one on one with my husband has become an obsession of mine. So when those winter time blues start to hit you, I highly suggest lacing up your boots, bundling up and getting outside. here are so many amazing and absolutely beautiful places right here in Tennessee — no need to travel far or pack an overnight bag. I’ll warn you, once you see one, you’re going to want to see them all!


Let us know what is sparking joy in your life this spring!

    AUTHOR: Summer Clarkson
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