How is July almost over?! Here at Choice, we’re holding onto every last second of sunny weather before we have to trade our flip flops for booties. (Even though the Nordstrom sale totally got us ready for fall clothes!) We spent this month finishing projects around the house, taking family vacations and soaking up rays by the pool. Our July obsessions reflect some of our secret weapons to looking and feeling great while remembering the amazing summers we’ve had and how we’re preparing for fall!


My current obsession

Each month I set out to accomplish one major goal around our house. For July, I picked organizing our interior closets and garage! Our closets were easy because I had several Elfa Door Systems from The Container Store to install. These systems add so much additional storage to any door without looking bulky and are easy to uninstall/reinstall if you move. Organizing the garage was more challenging and took lots of planning to execute. At first, it felt overwhelming but I found so many helpful organization structures that made the job simple. From Target I got an adjustable shelving unit to hold leftover paint, our toolbox and holiday decor. For my husband’s beloved golf gear, I found this organizer that holds his golf bags and shoes so they no longer dirty up our mudroom. But the gadget I found most helpful was the Work Pro Garage Storage Rail I found at Walmart. The starter kit is under $12 and comes with three hooks that can hold everything from a weed eater to a hose. Once you have the starter kit you can buy additional hooks and rails to continue building out your system. As we grow our tool collection we will add rail systems to keep our garage nice and organized!

Heather’s Current Obsession

I am obsessed with sunscreen – CRAZY about it. Just ask my family. Matt and the boys will tell you that I am constantly asking if they remembered to apply sunscreen before they left the house. Have they reapplied? Because we’ve been at the ball field for 2 hours. And here’s the thing…it’s not just in the summer. Of course, that’s when everyone is thinking about sunscreen and when you’ll see it more prominently displayed at the store, but we HAVE to think about sunscreen year round. My kids are outside ALL THE TIME. Thackston has recess at school every single day. They both play sports. They are constantly in the driveway shooting the basketball or running around the neighborhood with their buddies – all outside. But, our culture has been conditioned to only think of sunscreen in the summer months and it’s maddening to me.

Earlier this summer I was planning for our Choice team retreat to Mexico. I wanted to take sunscreen that I could pack easily but that would last me all week. I kept seeing articles in my magazines about Supergoop! so I decided to buy two travel-sized items and try them out on the trip. I purchased the Defense Refresh Setting Mist and the Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil. I added these two products to my beach bag, along with the sunscreen lotion I traditionally use on my body. The setting mist is a game changer. With SPF 50 you just spray it over your entire face – bare-faced or right over your makeup. A few weeks after the trip, I was listening to our client Jessica Honegger’s Going Scared podcast where she interviewed Supergoop! Founder Holly Thaggard. After I heard Holly’s reason for starting the business, her motivation behind growing the company and the way she is changing the face of the sunscreen industry, I was sold. I immediately went online and bought more products. This time, I got the full-sized bottle of the setting mist, along with the Unseen Sunscreen, the 18 oz of Everyday Sunscreen, their Forever Young Body Butter, Forever Young Hand Cream and the Glow Stick Sunscreen. We have used it all summer and I’ve gone back and bought more of the setting mist and the everyday sunscreen. My kids are sold. Neither one complained the entire week we were at the beach. They asked for it to be applied before we left the condo for the day and didn’t argue or whine when I wanted to reapply throughout the day. Dixon said it’s the best sunscreen we’ve ever used. They now ask for it before we leave for the ballpark. We used the products the entire week we were in St. Louis for Dixon’s World Series. And, other families noticed how much and how often we were slathering ourselves. I’m telling you…this stuff is amazing. The body butter literally melts into your skin right after you’ve showered. And the glow stick gives my cheekbones and shoulders just the right amount of shine to provide a healthy glow. You apply a dime-sized amount of unseen sunscreen under your makeup and you are protected with SPF 40. We will be using all these products (and likely more – I’m ready to try their sunless tan when mine fades) year-round.
Do yourself a favor and listen to Jessica’s interview with Holly. Supergoop! Wants to “change the way you feel about sunscreen.” They are “constantly creating new products that you’ll love, so wearing SPF isn’t a chore, but a ritual.” They want suncare to be safe and the products luxurious. I’m here for all of it.  

Kerry’s Current Obsession

In the media world, we like to refer to this time of years as “Christmas in July.” Whether it’s pitching holiday gift guides six months out or dreaming up New Year/New You content, we are always thinking months in advance. But personally, Christmas arrives in July every year with the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Insert all the heart eyes and praise hand emojis. This year, the early access sale began on July 12 and the all-access sale official kicked off last Friday, July 20. The sale includes insane prices for many of the new fall pieces, including items from my favorite brands: Vince Camuto, Halogen and BP.  I also watch out for round ups from my favorite bloggers, including these from Lauren Kay Sims, Kathleen Barnes and Caitlin Covington. While I would love to take advantage of the early access sale, you have to have a Nordstrom credit card to gain access. I know my limits and I would be 100% irresponsible with a Nordstrom credit card (#adulting). But, you better believe I squirreled away cash each month to save for this sale. Happy shopping and let us know what you bought at this year’s Anniversary Sale!

Sarah’s Current Obsession

Fitness is something that has always been and will always be a big part of my life. Growing up an athlete, I have been surrounded by a community of people who love competition and have a lot of fun! This year, I broke my wrist (very badly!) and immediately got stressed thinking I wouldn’t be able to partake in my normal fitness routine (ironically, because working out is how I relieve stress). My friends told me about Peloton, and let me tell you it changed my life. Peloton is an APP that offers virtual fitness cycling classes and it is HARD. It makes you break a sweat like nothing I have ever done but you are having fun and jamming to music while doing it.  My wrist is healed now but I still combine Peloton into my weekly routine. If you have an injury like me, you are bored of your fitness classes or you want to get active, give Peloton a shot. I am obsessed with Robyn (take her Live DJ Class) and Peloton and trust me, you will be too!

Trisha’s Current Obsession

Growing up, my mom took a bubble bath every single night. I always thought it was crazy. “Why in the world would you want to sit in your own filth?!,” I’d say. But, as I’ve gotten older and had a kiddo of my own, I realize that was her time to rejuvenate, read her Bible and otherwise wind down from a day of pouring into others. And guys, I’m officially becoming my mother. Once I found Dr. Teal’s Eucalyptus Epsom Salt, it was all over for me. My nightly bath time ritual is sacred. I cannot describe to you how amazing the eucalyptus smells after a long day; It’s like voodoo magic that wipes all cares away. Plus, the epsom salt is a life changer for sore muscles from a new workout class or from sitting in your office chair for too many hours. Trust me, it’s a game changer!

Ashley’s Current Obsession

Do you ever go on a vacation, take tons of photos and then find that they never actually make it off your phone? That’s why I use Snapfish. I discovered photo books a few years ago and I became fascinated with the idea of one book, much thinner than a photo album, that has all of your photos in one place forever. These photo books start at 20 pages but you could make them however long you want. They are also completely customizable. You could theme them around your journey, destination or create your own theme. I prefer to use Snapfish because they are very user-friendly and are always running sales! They also make prints, canvas prints, Christmas cards and countless other services in addition to making photo books. And if you need any more convincing, photo books make great birthday or Christmas gifts! With summer vacations coming to a close, what better way to remember it forever than making a photo book?

We’re always looking for new products to obsess over, comment below with your current obsession!


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