If you are following along on Instagram this week, it is likely abundantly clear that our team loves Fall. From the cool weather and seasonal treats to stunning leaves and fall fashion, we welcome this season each year with open arms.

We are so pleased to share with you what we are loving as this new season comes. It was pretty difficult for us to pick ONE Fall favorite, so head over to @ChoicePublicity on Instagram to see more of our seasonal favorites!


My Fall Favorite:

I am beauty junkie. I don’t mind admitting it. And, I am trying to incorporate more self-care into my daily routine. One of my favorite ways to do this is a face mask a few days a week. So you better believe I was pumped about Summer Friday’s new Overtime Mask. You guys, this mask smells like Heaven. It’s a moisturizing, gently exfoliating, pumpkin spice slice of perfection. Packed with vitamins, proteins, and antioxidants, this mask leaves my skin feeling both smooth and moisturized. And, the seasonally-appropriate scent and cute packaging add to the experience. I am certain I will be using this weekly and purchasing again!


Heather’s Fall Favorite:

I am all about trying out new fashion accessories and I am loving the wedge sneaker trend this season! I just recently purchased these Aiden Wedge Sneakers in black and I am completely obsessed. I originally ordered these for football season. Fall means constant travel back and forth for Georgia football games, and that means long days, tons of walking, and cute outfits. No one shows up to a Georgia tailgate in shorts and flip flops! So, I wanted something comfortable, but still stylish and cute. These wedge sneakers are a tailgating game-changer. I walked around ALL day long last week and remained comfortable. And, the leather is easy to clean and wipe off after a long day out. But, I’ve also realized these sneakers work well for all occasions. They go with so many outfits. I’ve dressed them up with jeans, a jacket, and some statement earrings. And, I’ve thrown them on with leggings, a tunic, and a baseball hat for running errands. These wedge sneakers are the perfect fall accessory: comfortable, functional and so cute!


Devin Lee’s Fall Favorite:

My husband and I had a custom fireplace made for the altar at our wedding. Now it is the center of our home, a daily reminder of the commitment we made, a future family heirloom AND something to decorate every holiday! I love the look of candles in fireplaces but didn’t want to burn down my beautiful fireplace, so I went on the search for realistic faux candles. I searched amazon but didn’t find any with stellar reviews, so I hit the stores. I was pleasantly surprised to find Mirage 5-piece LED Candles at Costco! I got five candles for $25 which felt like a steal. They look so realistic and come with a remote which was an added surprise. The candles add so much warmth to our house. Now my house is ready to host our family’s first Thanksgiving!


Sarah’s Fall Favorite:

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year for many reasons. One of those is getting to snuggle up with coffee and a blanket and listening to some of my favorite, restful music. The album that I cannot get enough of this fall is Lauren Daigle’s new album, “Look Up Child.” This album is AMAZING! I honestly cannot get over how incredible it is. Lauren Daigle is an artist who just fills me up every time I hear her sing. She offers hope, rejuvenation, and joy in every song she performs and gives you goosebumps from the opening to closing notes. If you have not yet, go listen now! Grab some tea, go to your favorite park, listen while you are working or fully blast it driving with the windows down (that is my favorite option!). You will not be disappointed!


Trisha’s Fall Favorite:

After I had my son, I became keenly aware of the chemicals within our household products. Something about wiping down his toys or high chair with products that smelled like bleach didn’t sit well with me. I love Mrs. Meyers products because they not only clean well, but they are also made with 99% naturally derived ingredients. Plus, the new Mrs. Meyers pumpkin scent has me weak in the knees. I had no clue surface cleaner could smell so good, much less dish soap. I’m also here to tell you this is the BEST pumpkin candle I’ve ever had (and I’ve tried a ton!) Seriously, this collection makes me want to wipe down our counters, which is a miracle in itself.


Summer’s Fall Favorite:

Born and raised a Florida girl, I am PUMPED to actually get some seasons now that I have made the permanent move up to Tennessee. I have always wanted a leather bomber jacket but could never justify the need for it living in Florida. I think they are so great and really can be used with any outfit. So I finally splurged and got a Lucky Brand leather bomber. Until we get some cooler temperatures, you can catch me constantly refreshing the weather app to find out when I can break this bad boy out!….Probably safe to check back in and see if this Florida girl is still pumped about getting all the seasons when I get my first taste of winter but for now fall weather is on my mind.


What are you loving this season? We can’t wait to hear about your Fall Faves!


    AUTHOR: Kerry Gardner
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