Remember that old saying about the cobbler’s children not having shoes? When you’re the cobbler, you’re so busy making shoes for everyone else that you don’t take care of those closest to you. They don’t pay the bills, right? Do you find that happens often in your life? You make sure you’re on time and prepared for every single meeting, but you aren’t sure when the last time was you had a date with your husband. You perfectly orchestrate a schedule for your client, but your own calendar is out of control. You stay up late night after night to finish that major project, rather than getting the sleep your body so desperately needs.

Well, at Choice we’ve decided that it’s high time we had some shoes! And by shoes, I mean a blog.

For those of you new to us, let’s start out with some introductions. Choice Media and Communications helps brands, influencers and authors create clear communication plans, get media coverage and receive guidance they won’t get anywhere else. Essentially…We Make You Known.

I’m Heather Adams, the founder of Choice. For more than 20 years, I’ve had the privilege of serving some of the world’s most influential voices, thought leaders and visionaries – from TV celebrities to Grammy-award winning artists, Olympic athletes to New York Times best selling authors, ministry leaders to celebrated national icons. I’m happily married to Matt and have two young sons, Dixon and Thackston. We live just outside of Nashville, TN. I’m a proud University of Georgia alumna (Go Dawgs!) and Christian who proudly claims my deep Southern roots. And I love nothing more than nourishing people across my kitchen table. I’m a pop culture junkie, have a slight addiction to beauty products and am always trying to pair brand name high-fashion items with my latest deal from Target. My boys play both baseball and basketball, so I spend many, many Saturdays on the ball field or courtside trying to remain calm. Even though my biological children are both male, if you follow me for any amount of time, you’ll learn about “my girls” who happen to be my treasures and joy. They’re also known as the women of Alpha Omicron Pi at Middle Tennessee State University. I’ve been their adviser for the last 14 years and believe that serving these women is my mission field.

As someone who professionally helps build national brands and make them known, I understand the value of a blog and establishing a relationship and rapport with your audience. You’re going to hear from our entire team in this space. One of my deepest passions is mentoring women and we have a team of rock stars. It was important to me that every single member share their voice here. Collectively we create the Choice team and each woman brings a bold, savvy perspective. In the coming weeks, you’ll hear from every person and learn more about her.

What can you expect here? Regularly we’ll feature some fun topics like our “Current Obsessions” or “What’s in Your Bag” posts. Showcasing clients and industry professionals, we’ll share their best practices, insights and lessons in our “What I’m Known For” column. You’ll learn from our mistakes and successes in “Problem/Solution” and of course, as PR professionals, we’ll constantly be combing the latest headlines and discussing what’s “In the News.” As a working mother, my work and life dynamic (I hate the term balance; can I get an amen?) are constantly fighting for my attention and focus. So, we’ll talk a lot about that particular issue, beginning with our very first post on creating a transformative year!

So, let’s get this year started together. We can’t wait to get to know you better, journey through life and share our knowledge.

    AUTHOR: Heather Adams
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