Does anyone else have fun with the National Days like we do?! It’s fun (and a little silly) to celebrate things like pizza, nail polish, fitness and ice cream with their own special day. However, these random days add the perfect amount of whimsy and spontaneity to our weeks and sometimes even a change to our dinner plans! At Choice, we especially love National Wine Day because it’s the same day as our founder’s birthday so it would be wrong not to raise a glass to celebrate wine and Heather! This week we are thrilled to celebrate World Book Day with you by sharing what we’re currently reading!


What’s On My Shelf

My husband and I have been working to pay off debt since we married a year ago. Throughout this time we’ve made it a point to appreciate the things we do have. Last month, I continued these efforts by starting the 90-day Contentment Journal by Rachel Cruze. I have LOVED journaling a few sentences a day about what is currently “sparking joy.” The prompts are easy to follow (unlike other gratitude journals). What I love most is every six days there is a reflection day. I’m always so moved when I go back and re-read my entries from the week; it’s always the littlest things that make me the happiest.



What’s On Heather’s Shelf

In my attempt to raise kind, Christian Southern gentlemen I look to great examples and leaders from whom I can soak up goodness to pass along. My desire is that Dixon and Thackston have strong moral turpitude, are inclusive, fight for the underdog, stand for justice, share their faith and are wicked smart leaders. When I came across the book “Kennedy and King: The President, The Pastor and the Battle Over Civil Rights,” I knew that there was much to be learned from some of the most important leaders in history. Their dynamic, relationship and powerful work together is to be admired. My hope is that our boys will cement a partnership, much like these men, and change their own world history through their mark and legacy. I can’t wait to dive in.


What’s On Kerry’s Shelf

I know we’re told not to judge a book by its cover, but I constantly do. I am much more likely to pick up a book with a stunning, intriguing cover. “Where the Crawdads Sing” was one of those books. Fortunately, the cover is just one of many incredible things about  “Where the Crawdads Sing.” I love everything about it. I love the era it’s set and how the chapters switch from decade to decade. I love the beach setting of the North Carolina marsh. I love the mystery and crime element, along with the love story. It’s all so good! It’s a painful, beautiful story that I could not put down. I am kind of sad that I didn’t save this book for my upcoming beach trip – I think it’s the perfect vacation read. Plus, if Reese recommended it, then you know it’s excellent!


What’s On Sarah’s Shelf

One of my absolute favorite books is “Girl on the Train.” I adore the story, the suspense, and it is a book that I could not bare to put down! When I heard about a new book releasing that was similar, I had to know everything about it. I can confirm the new thriller is here! The Woman in the Windowby A.J. Finn was given the review, “Compelling, wrenching, and gasp-for-breath exciting―I was blown away.” The title is a thriller about an agoraphobic woman who believes she witnessed a crime in a neighboring house. Let me tell you, I am dying to start this book and experience it for myself! If you are looking for a captivating beach read, I highly recommend.


What’s On Trisha’s Shelf

Have I told y’all I was an English major in undergrad? What’s more, most “normal” English majors concentrate on adolescent or Southern literature (I’m here for some Flannery O’Connor, too).  But, nope, this girl concentrated on BRITISH LITERATURE, friends. I’m talking “Canterbury Tales” and “Beowulf.” What in the world. I confess all this to say this month’s book recommendation is not my typical non-fiction self-help book or fiction novel. “Hinds Feet on High Places” is a beautifully written allegorical novel (as a reminder from your English 1010 pop quiz, an allegory is simply a story revolving around a metaphor. Remember this so you will win “Jeopardy” one day). Here’s why I love Hurnard’s novel written more than 60 years ago: it’s still true today because it’s based on scripture, which is still alive and active. The young woman in the story, whose name is Much Afraid, is on a journey the Shepard has led her on, but there are twists and turns and hurt along the way. Gosh, we can relate to that, right?! Trust me, brew a cup (or whole pot) of coffee and add this to your collection.


What’s On Lena’s Shelf

Every once in a while, we need to break up the reading line-up, am I right? This spring, I have been reading all the books, but they have been the super heavy type. And last week, I needed a break from all the heaviness, and I was craving something lighter and easier to read. I picked up Emily Giffin’s “All We Ever Wanted,” and it was just the right thing for me. The setting is Nashville, so it was fun reading about places that I know and see all the time. There are three main characters, and each chapter switches to another character. There were many different plot lines and lots of character development, which kept me interested and intrigued the whole way through. I read it in less than 24 hours, and it was just the book I needed to have a change of pace in my reading style. I highly recommend grabbing this one and throwing it in your pool or beach bag…it’s the perfect summer beach read!


Follow along on our socials this week as we continue to celebrate World Book Day by sharing books that changed us! We’re always looking for great reads, so comment below with a book that changed you OR the book you’re currently reading!

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