This year, we had the pleasure of serving Choice as Summer 2019 interns. Each of us has gained a great deal of knowledge that we will take with us throughout the rest of our careers. In this blog post, we wanted to focus on our unique experiences working with an all-female team. This environment allowed for us as female interns to grow and learn from ambitious and inspiring females who were once in our shoes as college students. 


Catherine, Christina, and I served as publicity interns, while Emory served as the business development intern. Publicity interns worked closely with the publicists at Choice on media lists, pitches, working on updating client materials, researching media contacts, among others. As a business development intern, Emory worked directly with Trisha, the Business Development Manager, and is in contact with potential clients about partnering with Choice. 


We are so excited to share the lessons and insight we have acquired throughout our internships!



During the interview process for this internship, one of the first questions that was raised was how I felt about working with an all-female team. At the time, I had no idea what it would be like to work professionally with a group of strong, driven, and ambitious females. I was a little nervous to begin, and I wanted to make them and myself proud. After this summer, I have become so inspired by the ladies who have helped me and who have paved the way for females like myself in this industry.


Because I am in a sorority, I am familiar with coordinating alongside other like-minded females. I have learned that instead of seeing other women as competition, we can use our similarities and shared goals as a strength. This lesson rang true in my internship with Choice. It is truly amazing working with women professionally and being able to be a leader without being seen as “bossy” or other descriptors that are often used to describe ambitious females. 


The women at Choice have been great mentors and role models to my fellow interns and me, and I do not take any of their advice for granted. I am leaving this experience feeling a new sense of confidence, knowing that I have the tools and knowledge to lead me to the next step in my life. For other women in the PR field: investing in relationships with your fellow female colleagues is a crucial tactic. Find those who understand you and your purpose, and then work to achieve goals together. I am truly thankful for this experience. 



I was first introduced to Choice when I had the pleasure of listening to Heather speak to my Intro to Public Relations class at The University of Georgia. Heather shared many insightful topics that day, but the one thing that stuck out to me was the creation of Choice and how she had fostered and empowered this all-female team in which she leads. I was moved by the thought that women could be allies with one another in an industry that promotes fierce competition. I had a funny feeling that I had a lot to learn from this amazing woman and her team, and upon completing my summer internship with Choice, I can confidently say that I was right about that assumption.


Choice Media and Communications has given me an invaluable insight into what a healthy culture and workplace environment should look like. These women are champions for one another as they celebrate victories and rise-up together from the valleys. The women at Choice have truly shown me what it means to be a team and how to effectively communicate with one another to be successful. 


This internship has also changed my perspective on the importance of passion for your work. I have realized that passion is what drives results, and that enthusiasm is contagious. This environment has allowed me to flourish in my role as an intern due to the fact I have been given the space to grow and adapt to the tasks entrusted to me. I could not have imagined a better team to be my trusted guide in the world of PR. In this season, I have grown tremendously as a professional and as a young woman. I will always value my time with Choice and often think back on the many lessons I learned here.



Serving as a business development intern for an all-women boutique PR firm, I have been lucky enough to be one of the first faces clients see when a partnership is proposed. As I consider my time working within a same-gendered team, there are two key elements I have found to be so valuable. 


First, I have been empowered and mentored by such wonderful women. Their uplifting nature and guidance have benefited me in ways far beyond professional development. Time and time again, they have rallied around not only me, but other interns as well, ensuring we are given the proper tools to fulfill our roles, while also cultivating strong tactical skills. 


Secondly, I have discovered that being the first point of contact for clients has given me the confidence to face future challenges. Being a female young professional interested in the business field, there have been common fears and stereotypes that I have encountered along the way. Business is an industry dominated by men traditionally, so as a young woman, I find it a challenge to be completely authentic. There is a difficult balance of remaining my feminine self while asserting myself as a strong force to peers. Having an impactful role in the client acquisition process has given me confidence and shown me how I can be both delicate in my nature and powerful in my approach. Working with an all-women team has been empowering, to say the least. Seeing how each of us are unique in our abilities and are able to gain incredible wins for our clients has been an inspiring experience.



Being part of an all-female team allowed me to have friendships, mentors, and strong women to instill confidence in me for my future career path. As a Choice intern, there is so much value and insight gained by following in the footsteps of successful female leaders.  


As I began my internship with Choice, the only experience I had with PR was through a textbook in my classes. I soon found I was clueless beyond belief. The Choice team made time to invest in me – whether it be from one-on-one meetings to discuss ways to improve or having group lunches to strengthen relationships. Through each of these touchpoints, I realized that strong, honest communication absolutely improves any workplace.


The culture of Choice goes beyond exposing a client to the public eye. This team is about building relationships. I have seen first-hand the extra mile they go for their clients. Continuing into my final semester of college this upcoming Fall, I am so thankful for all that Choice has offered me in this internship. 

    AUTHOR: Maddie McGarvey
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