As the Summer is quickly winding down and the “second new year” begins, life seems to be revving back up again! We can feel fall approaching as we inch into sweater weather, pumpkin spice, and my personal favorite, football season. However, we want to soak up the end of Summer and make the most of this wonderful time. At Choice, we are taking the initiative to check off those last items on our summer bucket-lists, and we are thrilled to share them with you!


What’s on My Bucket List

This summer has been full of transitions and so much excitement. With my recent wedding and move, it has been hard to plan in other fun and spontaneous things throughout this summer! One of my favorite things to do every year is going to an Atlanta Braves game. Baseball is a HUGE part of my life, and one of my favorite things in the world is going to major league games. As a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, we always make a Boston trip a priority. However, with Atlanta being such an easy drive, we love making a few games a year, no matter who the teams are. The fact that we have not attended a game this year breaks my heart so right now I am looking at the schedule and booking a trip! This is a bucket list item every summer, and I can’t wait to end the summer with a trip to ATL for a baseball game with my husband, one of our most favorite things!


What’s on Heather’s Bucket List

At the end of May, the boys, Matt and I sat down and created our summer bucket list. It’s full of fun adventures we wanted to incorporate into our slower summer weeks. We like for each person to select two activities that they are SUPER excited to inject into our journey through the summer months. Unfortunately, the last few weeks of summer were more difficult for our family. While in Florida at Dixon’s World Series, my mother fell and cracked her hip, then a week later, my childhood home, where they had lived for 41 years burned. Needless to say this impacted our ability to complete our bucket list. We’ve decided that instead of fretting over the few check marks we didn’t get to, that we’d fully embrace the intention behind the list and carry out the activities even if they went beyond when the boys returned to school. A family tradition is to always attend a water park right before school starts. In years past we’ve gone to Nashville Shores. Since we haven’t put an X next to that one yet, we’re headed to the new SoundWaves indoor/outdoor water attraction at Gaylord Opryland. With summer heat bearing down on us with temps in the high nineties, we are literally melting into the pavement. We can’t wait to explore this new local attraction. Stay tuned for pictures and our thoughts. I’ll be sure to share on my Instagram this weekend!


What’s on Kerry’s Bucket List

When this time of year rolls around, it is difficult for me to stay in the moment and not look forward to cozy fall days. I don’t know if it’s the blistering heat, that my garden that I’ve worked so hard on all summer can’t stay hydrated, or that at the end of July, I already saw Halloween decor in stores. Whatever the reason, I find myself wishing away these last weeks of summer. One thing I have not yet gotten to this summer is camping in the Smokies. Our favorite campground is Elkmont. I love camping any time of year, but I particularly love the summer because the water is warm enough to get into. The mountains feel so different this time of year, and I truly feel at peace and at home. As we speak, I am looking at our weekends and trying to find an overnight to squeeze in one summer camping trip! I look forward to fresh air, time away from my phone, and resetting up in the mountains. 


What’s on Devin Lee’s Bucket List

One of my favorite things to do is go on company tours. I learn best by experiencing and through stories, and that’s exactly what you get on a company tour! Also, while on tours, you learn so much of the companies backgrounders and culture, which is also something I find interesting! For YEARS the Bushes Bean Visitor Tour has been on my tour bucket list, and I am determined to go by the end of the summer! This tour is highly rated and is less than a four-hour drive from house so I know I’m in for a fun late summer day trip! I really don’t like baked beans, but any company that creates a brand around a golden retriever is a company I need to know more about! Some other tours on my list are: Jelly Belly Factory Tour, Boeing Tour, Ben and Jerry’s Tour, Appleton Estate Tour and the Coors Brewery Tour.


What’s on Trisha’s Bucket List

The Murphys love a good plan. Sometime after Easter and before the start of June, my husband, Mark, and I sat down and wrote out all the things we wanted to do to make summer special for our family. No surprise here, but our list was very long. We quickly realized our need to prioritize our list and schedule time on our calendars to make sure our good intentions were actually executed. Some of my favorite memories this summer have been watching Toy Story 4 at the drive-in, setting up camp in our living room when we were rained out of our big outdoor adventure, and spending time with James at our local library on the weekends. Although we have enjoyed so many moments this summer, we still want to venture to Chattanooga, TN for a quick getaway. It seems everyone loves Chattanooga and while Mark and I have explored the city together, we look forward to visiting with our son, James. A few places we would love to visit as a family include the Children’s Museum, Aquarium, and of course, Tony’s pasta


What’s on Lena’s Bucket List

As I have mentioned before many times on the blog, I am a big fan of visiting Tennessee State Parks. More specifically, I love visiting gorgeous waterfalls. As an Enneagram 9, I feel most alive when I am outside. We hit all the parks hard this winter and spring, but the Tennessee heat has kept up from crossing some of our favorites off our summer bucket list. Well, we’ve got a KID FREE weekend ahead of us, and I am dying to get outside. One of my favorite falls we visited was Foster Falls, and it featured one of the most beautiful swimming holes. Of course it was way too cold to get in the water when we last visited in February, but I am looking forward to visiting again and getting in that beautiful water! I cannot wait to leave my phone (and my to do list) behind, get in a good hike and spend some one-on-one time with my husband, Cain!


What’s on Maddie’s Bucket List

As the weeks of summer are winding down, I am finally taking advantage of our remote work flexibility here at Choice. I had not found the time to take a beach trip this summer, and I was bummed to see the season pass without taking some time to enjoy my favorite type of vacation. But while my fiance is traveling to Florida for work, I decided to grab a last-minute flight and join him for three days. I will be able to work from a beautiful setting with ocean-views and salty air while also enjoy his company and the beautiful town in the evening. As a person who loves a plan, spontaneous weekday trips are not typically on my calendar. This summer bucket list item is allowing me to enjoy something I love, while also maintaining my professional commitments and productivity. I couldn’t be more excited! 


Make sure to follow along as we share how we are checking these items off of our lists! We encourage you to embrace and enjoy the end of these summer months! Share with us how you are making the most of this time, and we would love to know what’s on your “bucket list!”


Having trouble finding time to incorporate this time into your schedule? Check out this past blog post from our CEO and Founder:


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