After a long HOT summer, it’s nice to dust off the Ugg boots and enjoy the crisp fall air with a PSL in my hand! For me, fall is very much welcomed as I thrive in weather that promotes you to leave your windows open. 


Besides the fabulous weather, I’m super jazzed for my favorite holidays – Halloween and Thanksgiving. Since moving to a neighborhood, I love handing out candy on Halloween and seeing my friends’ kids light up in their Disney princesses costumes. This year I’m hosting my first porch chili cookout on Halloween, and I cannot wait! And we can’t forget Thanksgiving which I’m extra excited about this year. Every year, I go on a morning 3-mile run to lessen the guilt for my afternoon indulgence, and this year there will be a third runner – my new niece, Emma Jane! 


My Current Obsession

When we think of fall, we can’t forget about the FABULOUS clothes! There is nothing better than a cozy sweater paired with a trendy leopard skirt. I’m always looking for inexpensive ways to bring the season’s trends to mix with my classic pieces, and that’s why I’m obsessing over Daniell at Shop Dandy. Daniell is known for sharing cute and inexpensive finds from Amazon with her 280K+ followers. I started following her less than a week ago and already have 30+ screenshots of Amazing finds on amazon! Daniell is passionate about inspiring confidence in every type of woman to embrace the beauty that God has given her. I highly recommend giving her a follow and putting that Prime subscription to use with fantastic fall trends!


Heather’s Current Obsession

Look y’all, animal print is a neutral in my house. I have a closet full of amazing pieces that I can mix and match because they literally go with EVERYTHING. For fall, though, I am 100% OBSESSED with snakeskin. It’s going to be a perfect element to my tailgate attire mixed with that perfect shade of Georgia red. From handbags and booties to mini skirts and blouses, you CANNOT go wrong incorporating this trend into your fall wardrobe. 


Some of my favorites in stores now:

Target snake print tie neck long sleeve blouse

Allen reptile mini

Vici python satin midi slip dress

Allen cobra boots

Nordstrom Steve Madden sane ankle strap heels

Target flap chain strap crossbody bag


Kerry’s Current Obsession

I am a skincare connoisseur. I’ve tried it all. Every trending face mask, moisturizer, serum, and oil has made it onto my nightstand at some point. While nothing gives me a better feeling than walking into Sephora to do some browsing (and damage to my bank account), the actual reason behind my skincare obsession is a life-long battle with acne. I’ve tried everything from professional facials and high-dollar treatments to homemade masks and cutting out dairy. Nothing has really worked. I ordered this sample pack from Sephora (Pro tip: I love the Sephora Favorites packs for trying new makeup and skincare items that I don’t want to invest in just yet!), and one of the items included is Herbivore’s Prism Exfoliating Glow Potion. I ignored this bottle for a while because “fruit acids” that “exfoliate and smooth the skin” was a nerve-racking description. But during a particularly bad breakout, I decided to give it a go. I put it on after my shower that evening and followed it with moisturizer. I woke up to a new face. My pores were smaller, and my breakouts were cut in half. I now use it morning and night. Not only has it cleared my skin significantly, but my makeup goes on smoother after I prime with this, too. While everyone’s skin reacts differently to products, I would highly recommend Prism for anyone facing the same skin issues.


Maddie’s Current Obsession

Although I am a summer girl at heart, fall brings me one of my favorite things — running weather. Now, don’t let this fool you. I am no record-holder when it comes to racing. But in college, I finally took the time to train for my first half-marathon, and since then it has sparked my seasonal love for running. Training for the Harvest Half in Brentwood two years ago allowed me to enjoy the Tennessee Fall weather to the fullest, especially on the day of the race in cool November. I took the time to get sized for my personal best-fit running shoe at Fleet Feet and discovered my new favorite pair of running shoes. I can’t wait to take on the greenway again this fall! 


Sarah’s Current Obsession

I am a summer girl, but I do love the fall, and I am very thankful for the warm weather lingers in Tennessee! One thing that I have recently discovered, and I am OBSESSING over is my new go-to item from Trader Joes. My weekly grocery list has significantly expanded since I got married. I have been continually looking for quick and easy ways to cook for two, also while being on the hunt for meals that we both like! The sweet potato gnocchi has transformed our weekly menu, and I think I could eat it EVERY day. It takes about 5 minutes to cook, is healthy, delicious and we love everything about it. Make sure to start adding this to your weekly grocery list! An easy meal is pairing it with some protein like chicken sausage and vegetables and even throwing in some pasta sauce for more flavor. I highly suggest this for your fall menu, and bet you will be obsessing over this as much as I am soon!


Lena’s Current Obsession

Fall is my favorite season – I adore the cool, crisp air and the changing leaves. However, here in Tennessee, it’s usually well into October before we experience a true fall season. Like Devin Lee, I love those yummy Pumpkin Spiced Lattes at Starbucks…BUT it’s a little too warm outside for me to have a hot drink. Starbucks really hooked me with their new Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew – it’s like the cold version of everyone’s favorite! Topped with pumpkin cream foam, cinnamon and sweetened with vanilla syrup, this is my new go-to treat at Starbucks. If you’re craving all things fall right now, I highly suggest giving this drink a try!

    AUTHOR: Devin Lee Duke
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