Lately, our world looks a little different. We are stuck inside, playing games and munching on snacks, which seems a bit more like preparing for winter months. Thankfully when you look outside the beautiful spring weather, the flowers blooming and the birds chirping, is precisely what we need to bring sunshine to our days and brighten our spirits. 


Below each member of the team talks about our current spring favorites with hopes that some other these can bring joy to you while social distancing and spending time inside.



What a weird spring, RIGHT? Usually I am doing whatever possible to be outside, to go on walks, sitting outside to read, or getting together with friends. Instead, I am sitting inside dreaming of better days, and this pandemic being over for so many reasons. Because of this, I am spending more quality time with Justin, and although I might not be getting ready, every morning, self-care and health has become a priority. Justin and I have become Scrabble fanatics, there is nothing wrong with healthy competition, Right? We close out our night most days, sitting in the living room, enjoying time together, laughing, and learning. In terms of self-care, I have been using my Arbonne Rescue and Renew mask more and more. It helps make my pores look smaller, manages my extra oily skin, and I love how soft my skin feels after. All dolled up or not, it is always nice to love your skin, especially when you aren’t putting on make- up every day. Lastly, health! Well, I didn’t start 2020 all gung-ho about working out and eating healthy. But,I have taken these past few weeks to self reflect and realize how important and how much happier I was when both are a daily priority. It is a struggle at times but this  YouTube channel has become my go-to  for work-out videos while using my new workout mat. 


I’m gonna be honest. I needed to slow down. I’ve been running at breakneck speed for entirely too long. I had no idea that it would take a pandemic for me to take a breath, but here we are. So, I’ve had time to think about what I’m loving this Spring. There are just SO MANY things. I’m actually going to be sharing my #FridayFavorites every week on socials, so make sure you don’t miss those. Right now, I’m doing A TON of Zoom video conference calls. Almost every single meeting I have is one instead of just a phone call. So, I’m getting dressed and ready…most days. Normally y’all know statement earrings are my thing, but lately I’ve been returning to a more classic look for these calls. Button down shirts, red lipstick, hair slicked back in a bun and these Climber Stud Earrings are the perfect addition. I ordered the gold ones. Though I’m not wearing shoes much at all these days, I’ve definitely given up on heels altogether. So, when I am actually putting something on my feet, these nude strappy sandals are perfect. They go with everything! I’m also finding myself taking lots of walks and escaping outdoors for sunshine and restoration. Y’all know I’m completely obsessed with sunscreen, specifically Supergoop. It’s hands down our family’s favorite. They have a new product that I’ve just started using and I’m loving it! It’s called Glowscreen and it has an SPF 40. You can put it on right under your makeup because it serves as a primer – it has a grip to it. But what I love most of all is it gives you a dewy, fresh look. And, you can wear it completely alone (without any makeup) and you are protected from sun damage. 


Let’s state the obvious…it’s a weird spring. Usually, this time of year, I am coming out of hibernation to enjoy the beautiful weather, brunch with besties, attend weddings and baby showers, and plan for summer fun. This year, it looks like enjoying the sunshine (from my back porch), sharing mimosas with my girls (over FaceTime), shipping wedding and baby gifts, and wondering what the next few months will look like. Because of this, I am trying to prioritize self-care and making time to take care of myself. I want to share some of my favorite new products as a self-care during self-isolation! Typically, I use facemasks much more often in the winter than this time of year. But, I am loving this Peter Thomas Roth Rose Gel Mask. It feels so good, makes my skin so soft, helps with acne scars, and is perfect for renewing winter skin as we enter this new season. I am not a big rose person, but this smells so refreshing. I am also trying to stick to a routine and get myself ready most mornings, even if my day isn’t packed with video conferences. One of my favorite recent purchases (thank you, TIBAL!) includes these gold huggie earrings. I can’t stop wearing them! They are so cute, and the price point can’t be beaten. 


Spring has finally arrived.. And I could not be more grateful and excited! This is a time of year that brings new life, and it is so evident to see that all around us, even in the midst of chaos. I know these are unprecedented times we are facing, and things are nowhere near “normal”, but I am choosing to focus on the GOOD. You know what is good? These leggings. I wish I were kidding here, but I. Am. Not. I have tried luxury brand (and love them, of course) and am a huge fan of anything I can find at TJ Maxx. However, while we are home-bound and unable to frequent our favorite spots in town, I have resorted to online shopping. I can assure you that these leggings stay in place, can double as a napkin when there isn’t one within arms reach and do NOT pinch or create any unwanted rolls. You’re welcome. While I am in said leggings, I also can watch my newest obsession on Hulu, Little Fires Everywhere. Anything with Reese, sign me up. She is just on top of her game right now! This show is the perfect combination of suspense and 90s nostalgia that make for a great escape each Wednesday night. Did you read the book? If not, you’ve probably got time to do that right now, too. All joking aside, I pray your spring is filled with joy and hope – even in the midst of the storm. 

Devin Lee

Spring is one of my most favorite seasons because I love rain! I love watching a thunderstorm roll in, and the crisp scent it leaves as it passes through. Recently, I moved my back patio furniture to my front porch so I can enjoy our Tennessee Spring storms even more. This has made me fall in love with my outdoor furniture all over again! I’ve had this furniture for more than five years now, and it’s still in excellent condition, AND it’s from Amazon so you can have it on your front porch in two days! When I’m not outside enjoying the smell of rain, you can find me inside enjoying the fragrant spells of a PaddyWax candle – I’m obsessed! PaddyWax is a Nashville based company, but their Candle Bars can be found in various cities. I have taken SEVERAL of their candle classes where you get to make a custom candle with one of their beautiful vessels. As a self-proclaimed candle addict, I am so impressed with the quality and have found myself becoming a returning customer. They are also a great small business to support! Lastly, it wouldn’t be Spring (or me) if I didn’t talk about a cleaning product I’m obsessing over, and that’s the trusty old Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. With more time at home this Spring, I am doing my Spring cleaning slowly but very thoroughly. Last weekend I worked on my least favorite task – cleaning the doors and baseboards in my house. This year I used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and WHOA it was a game-changer. Before starting this task, I thought I was going to have to repaint my baseboards, but after one swipe of the eraser and I was so pleased and super jazzed to do the rest of the house!  


Every time I walk outside, it is the best reminder in the madness of the world right now, that spring is finally upon us! As we embark on this new journey of self isolation, I have learned that I am really great at online shopping, and wow the sales just keep on coming! First things first, with Zoom calls being the only kind of calls being taken right now, leggings are my best friend and a good lounge tee. Recently, my favorite go-to lounging pieces are all from Aerie…there is no going wrong with anything you buy there, but these t-shirts are the best and come in solids and patterns, so you can dress them up if ever needed! And friends…they are having a 40-60% off sale! My next go to right now is the CC+ cream foundation from It Cosmetics. I have searched near and far to find a foundation that works well for me, and this one has become my staple. It has great coverage with 50 SPF, so there is no going wrong whenever I use this for outside activities (not right now of course, but you get me). Now of course I have to give you my go-to show right now as well, and this one is a rewatch series for me during this time. I am all about a good drama with some girl power, and The Bold Type is just that. It has your NYC Gossip Girl/Younger vibe, three girls trying to live the dream in the land of editorial press (think Cosmopolitan magazine), and a good love story or two, and you get this fabulous show. There are only 4 seasons so far, so you have time to catch up! I know with all of the uncertainty in the world right now, we are all just longing for some clarity and structure, so I have leaned into my Jesus Calling a ton lately, so if you don’t have a copy or some type of devotional, this is a great starter. I take whatever Scripture of the day is given and incorporate it the best I can into my day; whether it is a challenge or just knowledge that God is with me, it is the most comforting during such a trivial time. Please know we are all on the same ride here, and none of us are alone! 

    AUTHOR: Hannah Harter
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