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Every day is the World Series for Alan Smolinisky. The son of poor, uneducated Latino immigrants who came to America to find opportunity, Alan has reached the big leagues — and he’s only 40 years old. An entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor and co-owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Alan is proof that anything is still possible in America.

Alan speaks with authority on many topics. His family’s immigrant story is as emotional as they come, filled with examples of breaking barriers in the face of discrimination and hardship. His business career is a case study in entrepreneurial success, defined by hard work and helping others get ahead. And his commitment to community runs deep, with philanthropic efforts to celebrate immigrants, tackle poverty, and empower those in the criminal justice system to find their best path in life. He is focused on giving while living, to the point that Alan intends to die broke.

Alan’s story starts in California, where he still lives. From a young age, he sold lollipops at school and lemonade on the weekend, before getting his first real job — making pizzas at Domino’s at age 15. As the first in his family to attend college, Alan started a business in his USC dorm room focused on student housing. Ten years later, in 2008, Alan sold the business for $205 million just before the great financial crisis. Alan has since diversified into value investing, with holdings across many industries.

In 2012, Alan purchased his struggling 90-year old hometown newspaper, the Palisadian-Post, and turned it around, creating a culture of serious journalism that led to solving a murder in his first year of ownership. In 2019, Alan fulfilled a lifelong dream and became a co-owner of his beloved Los Angeles Dodgers. In an op-ed he wrote for TIME he described how his father learned to speak English by listening to the Dodgers on the radio as he swept floors as a janitor just a few miles from Dodger Stadium.

Alan’s message is simple: Swing hard and aim for the stands. He did just that and hit the ball out of the park. He wants to help others do the same. Alan is an engaging, inspirational and comedic storyteller. His advice is all-the-more relevant as the Dodgers just won the 2020 World Series.


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