Nashville is a place I am thankful to have always called home. Growing up it was much quieter, with very few people moving to the city. However, I moved away for four years, and my how things have changed! Now the “It” city has around 100 people moving to it everyday and you can’t go downtown without seeing a line of cowboy boots and Bachelorette parties. I moved back to Nashville in May of 2018 and I am amazed at the changes I notice everyday. Nashville is evolving, but I would say that is far from a bad thing!

Here are the biggest changes that I adore about Nashville:

New Demographic

Young people are moving to Nashville a mile a minute and it has made the city more and more vibrant. I am amazed about the creativity and talent arriving to Nashville everyday. Spark a conversation with your waiter at a restaurant or the person sitting beside you at a coffee shop. You will be blown away at the variety of people arriving in the city everyday!

Frothy Monkey is now a Nashville staple and has always been one of my favorite places to meet people.

New Restaurant Scene


This may be my favorite change of the city. As a foodie, I have been in awe of the variety of new restaurants lining the streets of Nashville.From amazing burger-joints, farm-to-table options, rooftop bars and more, I am thankful for this opportunity to culture myself and expand my dining choices. Here are a few of my favorite new spots: Slim & Husky’s, Rare Bird and Bakersfield Tacos!

Rare Bird’s is a favorite of mine due to its cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Unlimited Music Access

One thing that has stayed the same is the music scene in Nashville. Growing up here, we would go to live music events almost every week. Today, there are even more venues and there is more and more emerging talent. Nashville is not just country music city, it is Music City! Some of my favorite places to listen to up and coming artists are Cannery Ballroom and Marathon Music Works. My favorite place since moving back has to be Ascend Amphitheater! Make sure to take advantage of this aspect of the city.

Ascend Amphitheater hosts amazing shows and has a wonderful view!


Thriving Career Opportunities

With all of the new talent moving to Nashville, the city is growing with career and business opportunities. There are multiple industries that are thriving in Nashville now making it a pivotal place to be. When I moved away, I did not imagine moving back and starting a career in Nashville. I always imagined a different city, that in my head was “booming.” However, when I began the job search, that city was Nashville. I sure think I chose the right city to come back to!

Nashville is a city that is unique and has that southern charm you fall in love with. If you are new to Nashville or a Native, I would love to know your favorite parts!

    AUTHOR: Sarah Tuttle
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