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Live Date: July 20, 2020


Show Description: On today’s episode, Heather is joined by the entire Choice team. Here’s a quick snapshot of who we are: Kerry Gardner is the VP of Operations and has been with Choice for almost six years; Devin Lee Duke is a Senior Publicist (and Director of Fun) and has been with Choice for two and a half years; Annie Cotter is the Business Development Manager and is about to have her first child this September; Kristina Martin is our Executive Assistant and keeps us all in line; Hannah Harter is our newest member and serves as our Social Media Manager. On this episode, we learn more about each Choice Chica including what they are known for around the office, some of their favorite things in their personal and professional life, fun facts, what they’ve been up to during quarantine, where they are being intentional at the moment, and their current obsessions! 


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  • “In the past six months, I’ve probably done and been exposed to things that I could never even dream of working on, but I love each and every part of it.” – Kristina Martin 12:53


  • “I am a people person by nature, so I love meeting new people. Most importantly, in this position, getting to hear people’s stories, how they built their company, what has inspired them along the way to get started, what their needs are, and then being able to meet them right where they’re at.” – Annie Cotter 16:32


  • “We have a unique work environment that lots of people are experiencing right now, but we’ve been remote for years. We do a lot of communication through Slack and email. Being with these people that you know so well and interact with every day in person – and not talking about work but talking about life – really does make a huge difference and helps build that relationship with each other.” – Kerry Gardner 25:18


  • “Because of their words – because of their work – this person has been changed.” Heather Adams 27:13


  • “I’ve proven to myself that I can do it. I can do all the aspects of this career. And I know there is more to come, which is so exciting. But I’ve been given a lot of opportunities in this role, and I continue to prove to myself that the opportunities I am given I can do.” –  Devin Lee Duke 28:12


  • “Now more than ever, people are concerned with how to communicate most effectively with their audience on socials because so many people are spending more time on socials.” – Heather Adams 35:20


  • “I think my number one piece of advice to anybody would be to just be 100% honest and authentic with people. We are all going through things right now, and if you’re upfront with how you’re feeling, upfront if you’re overwhelmed, just honest in what you are going through, I think your audience is going to appreciate that and connect with it so much more.” – Hannah Harter 35:53













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AUTHOR: Hannah Harter
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