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Live Date: Monday, July 27, 2020


Show Description:  On today’s episode of This Intentional Life, the Choice team chats with America’s favorite Bachelor, Sean Lowe. We go behind the scenes of reality television with a fan favorite (and our favorite) and get all the details including what a Bachelor wishes you knew about the franchise, whether Chris Harrison is as nice as he seems, what’s happening with “Bachelor in Paradise,” how quarantine has been with three small kiddos, and what Sean and Catherine have been up to in the last seven years. 


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  • “It was kind of cool because I’d forgotten a lot of the little moments, some of the traveling that we did – you just kind of forget things here and there. So it was fun to relive it, but I don’t think I’m going to sit down and watch the entire season anytime soon.”  – Sean Lowe 9:06


  • “This woman just has the biggest heart I’ve ever seen. She loves me and loves our kids so much. She would go to any links to please us or to take care of us or protect us. You name it.” – Sean Lowe 15:50


  • “I just pray they will be men of Christ who pursue God who accept Christ at a young age who marry women who love the Lord as much as they do. And if you’re doing those things, you will inevitably go God’s way and hopefully avoid going the world’s way.” – Sean Lowe 24:10



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AUTHOR: Hannah Harter
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