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Live Date: Monday, October 19, 2020 


Show Description: We have an exceptional episode for you today. Heather is joined by speaker, author, and personal growth leader, Elaine Turner. Elaine was in the fashion industry for decades before she decided to trade her fast-paced, grueling career for a life full of family, relationships, creativity, and digging into personal growth and acceptance. This fall is the culmination of years of studying and learning, as Elaine launches her Know Your Worth program, offering a pathway to self-acceptance, growth, and the understanding that you are worthy. On today’s episode, Heather and Elaine talk about the Know Your Worth program, Elaine’s career and success in the fashion industry, knowing when to walk away from hard things, how to put yourself first when you want to be everything to everyone, how to end 2020 well and step into 2021 with a roadmap and fresh eyes, combatting imposter syndrome, and so much more. 


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Biggest Takeaways:


  • Elaine’s Know Your Worth program offers an accessible framework to follow and guide you on your journey towards worthiness. It’s a program based on three main principles: self-discovery, self-acceptance, and self-compassion. It provides practical tools and exercises to incorporate into your daily life, and includes Elaine’s personal insight and experiences, thoroughly backed up research, and beneficial education around mindset and self-worth.


    • The difference between the Know your Worth program and other programs out there is it’s a highly personalized system based on what works best for YOU. It’s not based on adopting someone else’s lifestyle, repeating empty mantras or overzealous cheerleading—it’s based on doing the real, internal work to get you feeling better. It is a customized program built to fit your needs, goals, and overall tendencies. 


  • Course One, The Discover Course, walks you through a quiz and a series of steps that lead to the discovery of your processing type. You are some combination of a:


    • Thinker: Someone who processes their thoughts, emotions, feelings, and beliefs in their brain. Thinkers are more logical and lean towards anxiety in stress because they are worried about getting it right. 
    • Feeler: Someone who processes their thoughts, emotions, feelings, and beliefs in their heart. Feelers are empathetic and good at holding pain without trying to fix it. They often feel shame when stressed, and they are sensitive. 
    • Doer: Someone who is controlled and independent. Doers can fix complex problems quickly. When stressed, doers can isolate themselves and won’t pass off problems. 


  • After you’ve found your type or combination of types, Elaine shares tools to help each type have more balanced functioning and navigate decision-making. 



  • Course Two, Awaken, and Course Three, Manifest, will release in 2021. Here’s a bit more about what those will reveal:


    • Awaken: After we know how we process information, we will begin to dig deeper and excavate and rewrite our limiting stories. 
    • Manifest: The last course will customize practices to get out of our own way and focus on self-compassion. 




  • “I think that for me, I had to come to that realization that that really wasn’t how I wanted to participate in the fashion industry. And, so it led me down that path of making that really hard, difficult, grieving decision of letting it go. But with that said, also realizing that there could be an opportunity for me to incorporate fashion in this new landscape with personal growth and how I’m empowering women through workshops and this digital online courses and all the things that I’m doing.” – Elaine Turner 8:08


  • “Knowing your inherent worth is the foundation upon which everything else is built.” – Elaine Turner 10:44 


  • “I think there’s so many of us that are living in reaction mode sort of unconsciously, not even realizing that we’re doing this right. That we’re like, ‘yeah, I can do this. I can be the PTA mom and the career woman and the best wife and the best friend.’ And, then what happens is for many of us, I think we kind of have that sink into the kitchen floor moment going, you know what? I don’t even know who I am anymore. I’m so busy serving and being this person that I think that there’s a part of me that’s lost. – Elaine Turner 11:13


  • “I am the perfectionist – like striving for that. Worried about what everybody thinks. The inner critic in my head is constantly saying, ‘You’re not enough. You’re not enough. You’re not enough.’” – Heather Adams 12:23


  • “Once you know that you are sourced from a place of abundance, that you are eternally whole, then I think your entire lens shifts.” – Elaine Turner 12:58


  • “What I do believe in is beginnings.” – Elaine Turner 15:36


  • “The mind-body connection is so powerful. And, I think our culture doesn’t honor that as much as it should.” – Elaine Turner 28:02


  • “If we can lift women up, it shifts our communities. It shifts our families. It shifts our economies. And, I think so many of us as women forget our inherent power. We forget our inherent worthiness.” – Elaine Turner 36:25


  • “And so you have this imposter syndrome, like at some point, is somebody going to figure me out? Like at some point, is somebody going to think that I’m a fraud? At some point, is somebody going to figure out that I don’t know everything?” – Heather Adams 40:28 


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