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Live Date: Monday, November 16, 2020


Show Description: Today, Heather is joined by Whitney Long and Cheri Leavy, founders of The Southern Coterie, a resource and community for the entrepreneurial South. Whitney, Heather, and Cheri talk about the community they’ve built, providing quality content and solutions for your audience, the art of hospitality, connecting virtually during the pandemic, what 2021 will look like for The Southern C Summit, and so much more!


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Biggest Takeaways:

  • The Southern C has become a welcoming community of entrepreneurs, but it wasn’t done without intention. Whitney and Cheri share how they built this community and how you can do this in your life and business, too:


    • Listen to your audience. What do they need? What problems are they tackling? What are their pain points? 
    • Provide a solution. Ask them and provide solutions to these issues. Continue to provide content that solves problems and provides creative solutions.
    • Continue to ask. Survey after events or after you’ve released content to make sure it’s meeting needs. Then plan your next event or content based on their feedback. 




  • “We hope to lead by example.” – Whitney Long 12:21


  • “That’s what’s phenomenal about the Summit to me is people come by themselves and feel comfortable doing so because you are not going to be alone for a skinny minute.” – Cheri Leavy 14:20 


  • I think we can learn from the intention you placed into the creation and development of your community and apply that in our daily lives, building a community where there’s a daily practice and experience of being that intentional, whether it’s with friends and people that we interact with or it’s through our business.” – Heather Adams 15:30 


  • “We just realized the importance of community and those connections. It’s a big, big world. And, if we can bring together these people and make that world a little smaller, where they can form authentic relationships and do what we say with one of our hashtags, which is connect, collaborate, create, then, we’ve done our job at the Summit.” – Whitney Long 26:27


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AUTHOR: Haley Trejo
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