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Live Date: January 4, 2021 


Show Description: Heather is joined today by Luke West, better known as Gunny or Master G. He’s the owner of G-fit Nola and fitness and nutrition expert. As someone who has personally changed Heather’s life by seeing her through an incredible weight loss journey and lifestyle change, Gunny has partnered with hundreds of others to transform their life. From how to set weight-loss resolutions that stick, to his best tips for becoming the best you, this episode is the perfect way to kick-start 2021. 


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Biggest Takeaways:


  • Many people can relate to 2020 being a year where self-care, physical health, and mental wellness weren’t a top priority. Gunny shares why the 21-day challenge is his starting point for anyone needing change. He believes we should move away from the idea of dieting and focus more on a complete reset. The 21-day challenge is a great way to form healthy habits and help prime and reprogram your body to understand what it truly needs.


  • Gunny walks us through the different phases of his programs and the significance of being able to commit to a healthy lifestyle and see results without compromising on still being able to enjoy life events. According to Gunny, the key is to focus on moderation and creating a customized wellness plan that incorporates the food your body responds well to and the exercise routine that works best for your schedule.


  • As we begin this new year, Gunny shares his insight on the best tips for accomplishing your 2021 goals:
    • Learn about the program you’re going to start and decide if it’s best for your lifestyle
    • As it relates to exercise, Gunny recommends hiring a professional even for 1 or 2 sessions to educate yourself on what it will look like
    • Ease into your program based on what works best for you by setting realistic goals and expectations 


  • We’ve all experienced the disappointment in setting new year weight loss or health resolutions and quickly recognizing the difficulty in living up to them. Gunny believes that this is mostly due to not having an accountability partner(s) and strongly suggests working with someone or a group of people who can help you stay on track and keep you motivated.    




  • “I use a multi-phase nutrition system, that’s kind of how I market and sell what I do. And the reason for that is that I don’t want to just sell you a diet. I don’t want to sell you a temporary fix because weight loss is typically a long-term issue that a lot of us are dealing with. We’ve dealt with weight loss, unfortunately, probably since high school and college where we started and the whole process of possibly yo-yoing and things like that. And what I worked to get rid of is the unhealthy way that you’ve been yo-yoing for the last X amount of years, however long that may be. And we do that through the phase system.” – Luke West 10:32



  • “I would definitely say when it comes to new year’s resolutions, wouldn’t it be nice to stop making that same new year’s resolution? So what I really encourage everybody to do is take a moment and analyze like okay, you want to lose weight, right? And I’ve done that new year’s resolution every new year for the last five years. Well my best tip is let’s research what it is that I’m going to need to do this year that’s different from the last four years or five years, so that I can make sure that this is my last time this is my new year’s resolution.” – Luke West 19:15




  • “A lot of us are not necessarily self-motivating when it comes to exercise, so a lot of times what it takes is accountability partners. It’s much easier to find somebody to do something with than it is to make yourself do it by yourself. So it’s much easier to find a good friend that maybe has the same goal, same aspirations, and you can convince each other like you know what, let’s start simple. Let’s go for a walk every day, a mile and a half, and then you just hold each other accountable. Basically holding accountable just means that you don’t buy each other’s excuses, right. You know, if I tell you I’m too tired, then you tell me no, we gotta go.” – Luke West 22:21




  • “Whenever we’re doing something to better ourselves, a lot of times we have to pull ourselves out of our circle and kind of put ourselves on what I call on an Island. And sometimes Island syndrome, the island feels so small, and you feel like you’re just standing on the island by yourself and there’s just no rescue ships, no planes flying over. There’s nothing. And so the idea is I like to expand the Island, if I can make the Island bigger and get more people on the Island then the more likely everyone on the Island will survive.” – Luke West 24:15




  • “There’s a moment that we share with ourselves every day, and it’s a very intimate moment, and unfortunately a lot of us have lost sight of that moment because we don’t enjoy that moment anymore. That moment is when we get out of the shower and we look at ourselves and there’s a lot of us that fear that moment these days in our life. And what I want to do is make that moment special again.” – Luke West 28:36



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