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Live Date: June 26, 2020


Show Description: On today’s episode, Heather speaks with very special guests – her sons Dixon and Thackston! Dixon, or D, is 13 and going into the eighth grade. He’s a sports junkie who loves to play baseball and basketball. Thackston, or T, or T Money, is 11 and going into the fifth grade. He, like D, loves baseball, and he’s also a fan of dogs. In this special mini-episode, Heather and the boys talk about summer during quarantine, missing out on special moments, needing a break, dates and #DudesandDoll camp, and intentional family time. 


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Biggest Takeaways:


  • We are all navigating this unprecedented season differently, but one thing we have in common is the need for the occasional break. We get to the end of our rope, and we’re just done. The Adams family has instituted break days, where they can take a full “break day.” No one can argue about it, and everyone has to accept it and give that family member a break. Thanks for that, Dixon! 



  • The boys and Heather have a special annual tradition called #DudesandDoll Camp. At  the end of the summer, right before the boys go back to school, they spend intentional time together. 



  • This turned into monthly dates with the boys, designed to have deep, meaningful conversations with each other on a one-on-one basis. Life gets busy, and the one-on-one time is both important to the parent-child relationship and really special to the boys. The boys share some really good tips for kicking this off in your family and great date ideas as you plan. A few takeaways as you get started:


    • It doesn’t have to be fancy.


    • It needs to be dates that your kids will enjoy, as well as you.


    • It can be cheap or free. 




  • “We don’t get to spend a lot of time with you individually since you’re working alot. So, this is the one time we get by ourselves.” – Thackston Adams 13:09



  • “We go to school normally for seven hours a day, you go to work, you pick us up from school and take us straight to a practice or after school activity. And on the weekends, we normally have a baseball tournament, so we never get to spend any time with you. So when we do get the chance, it’s very fun.” – Dixon Adams 13:32 




  • “We’ve seen how important it is to spend intentional time with each son individually, and that’s why we do it. And for me, it started with Dixon. Originally it was, ‘I want these boys to learn how to date before they are dating.” – Heather Adams 15:29




  • “You don’t have to spend alot of money for these dates to be memorable.” – Heather Adams 20:54


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AUTHOR: Hannah Harter
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