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Live Date: June 1, 2020


Intro Information: Welcome to This Intentional Life, a podcast to learn how to design and live a life you love. In this episode, host Heather Adams shares with you what to expect each week for the podcast and some background on who she is and what brought her here today. Heather is a busy wife, CEO, mother, and champion for women. She knows all too well how life can get in the way of what truly matters if we don’t bring intention to each day. In each episode of This Intentional Life, Heather and her most valued mentors, admired friends, and respected guests will share intentional steps, practical tips, and implantable advice in the areas of relationships and friendships, leadership and business, health and wellness, female empowerment, pop culture, and so much more. 


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Biggest Takeaways:

  • There are one million things vying for our attention each day. How do we know what to prioritize when there is so much to do throughout the day? That answer is intentionality. Life will just happen to us if we don’t bring intention to all we do. 


  • Don’t design a life out of fear. With two young kids at home, Heather was laid off from a cherished job and truly did not know what her next steps would look like. Her husband advised her that she couldn’t take those steps in fear. Instead, she needed to design the life she ultimately desired. 



  • “We don’t want to let life just let life happen to us. We want to be strategic and smart about the way we are living our lives.” – Heather Adams 



AUTHOR: Alter Endeavors
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