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Live Date: Monday, September 14, 2020


Show Description: On today’s episode, Heather sits down with one of our long-term and favorite clients, podcast host, speaker, and author, Mary Marantz. Mary has been a Choice client for years now, all the while working towards her dream of becoming an author. That dream came true in the last year, and this episode releases just one day before Mary’s first book publishes. Her memoir is called “Dirt: Growing Strong Roots in What Makes the Broken Beautiful,” and it chronicles Mary’s journey from a literal dirt floor in the mountains of West Virginia to the halls of Yale Law School. Mary and Heather talk about “Dirt,” of course, but they also talk about how we deal with the difficult parts of our stories, the beauty of second drafts, the legacy of work ethic, the labels we receive as children that haunt us in adulthood, the power we give shame, and what success looks like when you “have it all.” 


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Biggest Takeaways:


  • Are you the most put-together woman in any room? The best-dressed woman? The leader of the group or organizer of the event? The social butterfly? The book “Dirt” is for you. Mary removes the cap of perfection and reveals the beauty of being just who you are – imperfections and all. You don’t need to be perfect to have worthiness or belong. 


  • Mary credits her drive to succeed to the work ethic she learned from her family, and specifically her father, who is a logger in West Virginia. It’s one of the things she’s most grateful for as an adult. 




  • “I’ve known I wanted to write this book since I was five years old. That is not an exaggeration. I can remember pretty specifically, being five and feeling like God gave me the message of: ‘One day this story is going to make sense. And, it’s going to serve and help a lot of people.’” – Mary Marantz 3:07


  • “We’ll start with what we have and build from there.” – Mary Marantz 13:18


  • “This the exact timing God had in mind all along.” – Mary Marantz 16:56


  • “I feel the most comfortable in my own skin and like myself the most in my forties than I have any other decade of my life. I think that’s so true – that softening, that kindness to yourself.” – Heather Adams 19:26


  • “When somebody sees you as this best version of yourself, you rise up to meet that.” – Mary Marantz 30:46


  • “The people who are going to get it are going to get it. The people who don’t are not your people.” – Mary Marantz 54:50


  • “When you let go of the shame and step forward, and you are authentic and honest and vulnerable, people step forward towards you.” – Heather Adams 54:55


  • “None of this stuff is going to change how you feel about yourself. That has to be an internal job, a healing job, and a going back and making peace with your story job. No amount of rising or falling or winning or failing is going to change who you are or your identity with God. It actually, in a weird way, frees you up to go after bigger dreams because your whole identity and your whole worth is not on the line if it doesn’t work out.” – Mary Marantz  1:05:29


  • “When we walk into a situation, and we reject people before they have a chance at rejecting us, we miss out on some really amazing people.” – Mary Marantz 1:06:37


  • “This book, I feel like, is going to become an anthem for reconciliation.” – Mary Marantz 1:16:32


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AUTHOR: Hannah Harter
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