As this semester comes to an end, we wanted to hand the microphone over to our interns. We had two amazing interns this semester that both worked in business development. We are always so thankful for our interns and the work they put in. That being said, we wanted to give them a chance to provide a little insight into what their internship experience was like!



My experience as a Choice intern has been nothing short of life-changing and life-giving. That may sound dramatic but this year, especially heading into the fall, had me discouraged and unsure about what would be the next step. After a dear friend sent me the link to apply to the Choice internship, I had no idea if I wanted to do publicity, social media or business development. I hesitantly decided to apply for business development as I knew I enjoyed the business side of the industry but then again, what did I actually know?

I was at a point where I was celebrating anything I could, so with every email and interview, I may or may not have had a dance party. I was over the moon (and shocked) when I actually got the position. There was little hesitation before we hit the ground running in a position that was changing and fast on our feet. I adored our business development team from the beginning. Sarah, our manager, quickly became a mentor, friend and advocate for me personally and professionally. Katie, my fellow intern and ride-or-die, had immediately become my most frequent phone call. We definitely made our mistakes and looking back now, we have some good laughs as we reminisce on those moments.

While the role had the same duties each week, I appreciated the flexibility and ever-changing tasks. I was consistently challenged and pushed to step out of my comfort zone. I will always remember Sarah’s pep talk before I led my first briefing call. I was a nervous wreck but she got me through it!

As an intern, it is rare to have your opinion and voice genuinely heard. That is one thing that sets the Choice internship apart and made me confident in my position. Throughout the semester, Sarah would frequently inquire about Katie and I’s next steps. Her heart reflected Choice as she genuinely cared about us and wanted to ensure we were set up for success whether that be in business development or an entirely different industry. I have had many moments where I take a step back, feeling incredibly grateful for this semester and insanely proud of myself for “applying to see what happens.” I have constantly felt encouraged, valued and challenged- three things that I dream of in a company. I am ecstatic to say that I get to continue this work after graduation as Business Development Coordinator with Choice- an absolute dream. I am pumped to see what is in store for 2021 and the business development team as a whole.

I am finishing this semester so grateful that Choice chose me.




The opportunity to serve as an intern for Choice has been such a blessing! Before the semester started, I was searching for an internship that would be interesting and challenging.

With my passion for organizational development, and a few prayers, I decided to apply for the business development internship. During my interviews I could tell that these women were the true salt of the earth. They are empowering, and uplifting mentors. Imagine my surprise (as someone with no formal marketing experience) when they invited me to join their team! From day one I could tell that this experience was going to provide valuable knowledge and skills to help me in my future career.

I texted Manning after our first team call and she’s been my lifeline ever since then! Manning has an abundance of knowledge about the marketing industry and is a true networking guru. Both of us would have drowned in this position if it weren’t for Sarah King, Business Development Manager. Since the first day Sarah has breathed confidence and trust into us. She is a developer of all things business and people-related. I cannot thank Sarah enough for seeing potential and strengths in me that I didn’t know existed. Manning, Sarah, and I were truly the dream team.

When people think of internships, they often picture the grunt work that staff members aren’t interested in completing. That is absolutely NOT the experience at Choice! Manning and I have had the autonomy to make decisions and voice our opinions since the beginning of our internship. The Choice team treats interns as valuable team members instead of temporary staff.

As a business development intern, I was constantly looking for potential clients to connect with and sending an endless number of emails. If people scheduled briefing calls with Choice, Sarah invited us to join the call to meet and engage with some very important business people. We had the opportunity to participate in staff events and interact with Choice’s clients. This internship helped solidify my interest in all things related to business and organizational development.

My favorite part of the internship was The Summit conference that Choice hosted back in September. Since we had been working remotely, this was the first time I was able to meet my teammates in person. We shared so many laughs that week as we prepared gift bags, bought decorations, and participated in the event as attendees. I loved the energy and authenticity that radiated from the Choice team.

Media and communications might not be my true niche, but I have loved the opportunity to work with Choice. I am grateful for their mentorship and willingness to take a chance on me.



    AUTHOR: Heather Adams
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