Summer is in full swing which means beach days, backyard barbecues and maybe a little extra free time that you don’t normally have during the busy school year. What better way to spend your free time than catch up on the show you never had time to watch?


We are right in the heat of July, but that means that all of your favorite fall show premieres are right around the corner in September. At Choice, we all have a favorite show that we can’t wait to see again in a few months and we want to share them with you! Let us know if these are some of your favorites. And if you haven’t seen them, you still have time to binge watch them before they return in the fall!



My Favorite Show


I started “How to Get Away with Murder” way back in 2014 when the show first premiered. I would’ve never guessed that I would get hooked and still be watching as the show enters its fifth season. The show is centered around the main character, Annalise Keating, who is a lawyer at a local college. Keating decides to give special attention to five students, and she has been paying for it ever since. Through countless deaths, several plot lines and many, many law trials, each episode will leave you on the edge of your seat. “How to Get Away With Murder” is not for the faint of heart. This drama is filled with law terminology, characters with their own internal struggles and of course, murder! If you need a high-paced, high-intensity show to get you through boring days at the office, this is the show for you. If you start now you can be caught up in time for the season five premiere!  


Heather’s Favorite Show


My favorite TV show of all time is “The West Wing.” For years when I was in college, I thought my future career would walk me through the West Wing doors where I’d find myself among the communications team. I’ve always been a huge fan of political dramas centered around an ensemble cast of brilliant actors (ahem, Rob Lowe).


Enter Elizabeth McCord, a former CIA analyst thrust into the position of secretary of state because of her close relationship with the president. Played by Téa Leoni, the savvy and sharp Elizabeth is the central character of the show “Madam Secretary.” A working, relatable and wicked smart leading female in one of the most powerful positions in the U.S. government…I’m here for all of it. My favorite part of the entire show, though, is her relationship with her husband, Henry, played by Tim Daly. “Madam Secretary” centers around Elizabeth’s family life: working mother, invested in her children and her marriage who tries to manage the demands of her job that has global impact daily.


I highly recommend you catch up on this one before the fifth season begins on October 7.  Also, in case you missed my last Current Obsession post, you MUST MUST MUST catch up on “Younger.” The fifth season is airing now on TV Land.


Kerry’s Favorite Show


If you haven’t watched “Riverdale” yet, stop what you are doing and go watch it right now. During the first season of “Riverdale,” I could not get enough of the dark humor and suspenseful storylines. I was so looking forward to the return of Season 2 and honestly, I was a bit disappointed in it at first. I am so glad I stuck with it though, because the second part of the season sucked me back in. If you are looking for a deep, thought-provoking show, this is likely not the show for you. If you are looking for a suspenseful, drama-filled teen show similar to “Pretty Little Liars“, this is definitely it. You still have some time to catch up before the Season 3 kicks off in October. So, go watch it and then call me so we can discuss!


Sarah’s Favorite Show


Okay people, if you have never binge-watched “One Tree Hill” you are missing out. It has all of the things you need in a good TV show: love, drama, tears, music and sports. This is the perfect time to catch up on the show because Lifetime recently announced members from the “One Tree Hill” cast are reuniting for a Holiday movie. Get excited! Former OTH stars will star in Lifetime’s The Christmas Contract. It may not follow the OTH storyline, however, this new movie gives you a better excuse to watch hours upon hours of “One Tree Hill.” Fair warning before you dive in-  you will soon fall madly in love with Nathan Scott!


Devin Lee’s Favorite Show


The Goldbergs” is hands down the most underrated show on television. The show is loosely based on creator and producer’s Adam F. Goldberg childhood in the 80s. The overbearing smother Beverly played by Wendi McLendon-Covey (aka Rita from Bridesmaids) makes the show. She is known for kicking in doors at her kid’s school to make sure they get a slot in the talent show or to deliver a forgotten lunch. In the last season, she realizes her children are growing up and she can no longer wrap her identity into her children. She starts her quest to find herself which she calls her Bevalution. It been a hilarious journey and I’m dying to see the next season!


Trisha’s Favorite Show


If you have not yet watched “This Is Us,” grab the tissues, friends. There is a character in this show for everyone, from the aspiring artist, to the successful businessperson, to the one who grieves. In my opinion, some of the best shows come from when we see ourselves and our people reflected in the dialogue, plot or events. Moreover, I specifically love how this show reminds us that while we can feel like our family is the only (slightly) dysfunctional family, no family is without unique issues, hurdles and challenges. I’ve found that “This Is Us” unexpectedly provides us with a community of folks who also don’t have it all together, but who work hard and stand together to overcome obstacles. If you’re looking for the ultimate feel-good, struggle well, and love big (three!) story, stream now before fall!


Are you excited to see any of these shows return in the fall? What are you going to binge watch next? Let us know in the comments below!


    AUTHOR: Ashley Lollar
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