Tuesday night I had to pack for a work trip and, of course, thought through all the essential items for my bag. What could I leave behind? What MUST haves were crucial for my carry on? And, what did I need easily accessible in my backpack? I’ve recently moved to a polished backpack for work and travel rather than carrying a large tote handbag. Game changer. My shoulders are grateful too.

Since our team travels a great deal both personally and professionally (three big trips in the month of March alone), we are constantly looking for the best bags, gadgets, beauty products, snacks and essentials to bring along. On the regular, we’re questioning our road warrior clients and friends for their favorites. As we share our inaugural post for the “What’s In Your Bag” series, we decided to start with a client who crisscrosses the globe – literally. With 4,500 artisan partners in 13 countries, Founder and CEO of Noonday Collection Jessica Honegger is constantly on the move. Here’s what Jess says she cannot leave home without:

My personal best tip for keeping your bag organized, especially when you’re carrying a large tote, handbag or backpack: Walker Mesh Bags. I have them in a multitude of colors and sizes. What I love about them is that they are see-through so you know exactly what is in each bag without having to open them. I keep beauty products in one, my airpods and other cords in another, snacks in a third, for example. They are durable and easy to clean plus I love all the fun colors.

What are your handbag must haves? We’re eager to learn and share.

    AUTHOR: Heather Adams
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