As you plan your cookout menu for tomorrow’s barbecue, we encourage you to think of our service members near and far and the sacrifices they make daily. We at Choice have a soft spot for military spouses who provide strength to our service members. The personal sacrifices they make often come with an economic and emotional price tag unknown to many. 

That’s why we are extremely honored to work with the fantastic organization R.Riveter. R.Riveter is changing the lives of military spouses across our country by offering flexible at-home work opportunities to make beautiful handbags. Each bag starts in the home of a military family as Riveters craft everything from liners and leather, to support tags and canvas from wherever the military currently has them stationed. 

Riveter’s bags are known for being beautiful and functional for any stage of life. Recently, I asked Riveter co-founder Cameron Cruse what she couldn’t leave the house without and I was surprised by her answer! Check out her (and the rest of the Choice team’s) must have items:


3 Must-Have Items in Cameron Cruse’s Bag

  • iPhone: Because I am a business owner (with a remote team), a parent and military spouse, it is important for me to stay plugged in. I can’t leave the house without my iPhone!
  • R.Riveter Wallet: The exterior cardholder holds my ID and debit card, so it’s never a challenge to grab my most used cards. I also always stash a few business cards, cash, and loose change!
  • #2 Pencil: I love the tactile feeling of pencil on paper. Whether it’s to-dos, a quick inspiration or sketch for work, notes, or something for my kids to keep busy – a pencil and paper have never failed me.


What’s in My Bag

A few months ago, my friend gifted me her favorite tinted lip balm by Burt’s Bee, and I’m obsessed! It gives my lips the moisturizer it’s desperate for in the Nashville heat while also giving me a hint of color. Red Dahlia is my current color of choice, but I can’t wait to try others in the collection!



What’s in Heather’s Bag

When I turned 40, I decided it was high time I splurged on a pair of readers. Ha! That’s right, reading glasses. I went to the eye doctor, and he confirmed my suspicion. With hours upon hours in front of a computer screen, my eyes were straining and tiring easily, and it became even harder to read the bottom of the lipstick tube or back of the book jacket. I’ve never worn glasses before, so I wanted to look fabulous and fashionable in whatever I selected. Peepers to the rescue. I have three pair now that I keep on hand. One in my purse at all times, one in my nightstand and one in the kitchen. My favorite styles are the Center Stage and the Standing Ovation. I’m totally obsessed and don’t go anywhere now without them. I mean, the menu is hard to read in a dark restaurant, y’all!


What’s in Kerry’s Bag

I am trying to do more for my mental health these days. I am walking in the mornings, meditating at night, and using my Calm app almost daily. On the go, rollerball essential oils have been a game-changing stress relief habit that I can’t quit. This Aura Cacia Chill Pill is unbelievable. It’s made with orange, lavender, patchouli, and peppermint, and it truly calms me the instant I role it on. I’ve used it in traffic, in the grocery store, before a big meeting, and right before I head to bed. I have one that lives in my purse and one on my nightstand!


What’s in Trisha’s Bag

If you know the Choice team at all, my essential item will not come as a shock to you! We’re all obsessed with Michael Hyatt’s Full Focus Planner, and I can’t imagine a workday without it. I look to my planner for so many things throughout the day. When is my next meeting? What essential items must get accomplished today? Who is picking up the kid? Much like having a grocery list when walking into Kroger, I must have a list for my most efficient workday, so my planner is always nearby!


What’s in Sarah’s Bag

I do not carry a lot of things on me typically! I try to keep just the essentials in my bag, so they are easy to find and easily accessible. One thing I always have in my bag is a KIND bar. I am not a happy camper with no food, so I always like to have a snack on me for a quick energy boost in case of emergency! KIND bars are wholesome, delicious, and healthy with real ingredients, which allows me to always have a healthy snack option on hand, so I do not have turn to unhealthier options.


What’s in Maddie’s Bag

After showing up to a workout class without a proper hair tie or headband, I desperately grabbed a pack of TELETIES at the counter to get me through my class. Little did I know, these tiny things could change my life! I can pull my hair back for hours without having to fix my ponytail or get a pounding headache. And when I take my hair down, it’s crimp-free! Plus, the stylish prints and colors allow me to rock them on my wrist like a trendy bracelet.


What’s in Lena’s Bag

It is hot and humid in Tennessee, and my hair is feeling it big time. I love this wave spray from Ouai — it makes my hair have the perfect beachy waves without feeling crunchy. And the smell is absolutely divine…I have the travel size in my purse at all times! If you want something to help you create that “undone” hair look, this is a must-have for you!


Looking for a new bag to hold all your must-haves? Make sure to check out R.Riveter’s stunning handbags. Co-founder Cameron is currently obsessing over the Wilson tote and we couldn’t agree more!

    AUTHOR: Devin Lee Duke
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