We have the privilege of working with clients all across the country and with media contacts in New York, Los Angeles and everywhere in between. On top of that, we are constantly looking for ways to connect with our industry peers and to network with people who share our passions and interests.

With all of the above going on, it means we travel pretty frequently – something we truly enjoy. We each have items that we pack each trip and never leave home without them.

Here’s what we can’t live without when we travel:


What’s In My Bag

I don’t know what it is about flying or riding in a car, but my skin freaks out when I am on the go. When traveling anywhere – by car or plane – I will not leave the house without my Kopari Coconut Rose Toner. The rose toner refreshes skin and coconut oil keeps skin moisturized and bacteria in control. It smells insanely good, too. You can purchase the travel/TSA approved size here. Speaking of bacteria, my other can’t-leave-home-without product is Emergen-C. This is a staple in my house during Winter months, but I double up when flying. Nothing ruins a work trip or weekend getaway faster than a cold or the flu. Emergen-C offers an immunity boost and a bit of protection while I’m traveling.


What’s In Heather’s Bag

One of my saving graces while traveling is a healthy snack. These save me every single time. Whether I am chasing planes, running from meeting to meeting, or on a three-day media tour, a nutritious snack often replaces a meal or two and gives me energy on the go. I used to bring protein bars in my bag, but when I worked with Dr. Mark Hyman, he told me to get rid of the protein bars because they are packed with sugar. He recommended Justin’s almond butter – the ones that come in the individual squeeze packets – and I’ve never looked back. You can eat them on their own, or grab an apple to eat with it. Whether I am planning a work trip where I know I won’t have a second to stop, or I’m planning a trip with the family and want a quick snack to hand the kids, I always have these packed away.


What’s In Devin Lee’s Bag

Whether I’m traveling for work or personal, I always like to have a pack of notecards on me. I carry a mesh bag with my personalized work notecards, cute notecards I’ve picked up at Target’s Dollar Spot, pens, postage, and my business cards. This makes writing notes simple and easy! Layovers are the perfect time to write to someone you just met or a thank you note to the friend who hosted you. During my last work trip, I utilized my airport time to write notes to the producers I worked with, a “thank you” to my client, and I caught up on a few other thank you notes to my teammates. Next time you’re traveling, pack your note cards and don’t forget to include your business card when writing someone you just or want to work with again – that way they know how to contact you!


What’s In Trisha’s Bag

I like to think of myself as a low-maintenance traveler (though my husband might think differently…Ha!). For example, I’m completely okay with using the hotel shampoo, I don’t have to pack a special blow dryer, and I generally don’t mind if my clothes are a little wrinkled from travel. However, what I can’t really compromise while traveling is sleep. On both work and personal trips, I pack my days TIGHT, getting as much in as possible. By the time my head hits the pillow, I am needing deep rest. Whether I’m traveling to my in-laws, across the country for business, or a women’s retreat, I must have white noise to fall asleep. In hotels specifically, it seems doors are always slamming, people are coming down the hall after a fun night out, or other noises that come along with being in a new environment keep me awake. I absolutely love the Rain Rain app and have been using it since college. Without using data throughout the night, you can play your preference of white noise (my favorite is Blizzard Wind). Bonus tip: I also love this app while working in coffee shops or other loud environments when I need to focus while there is a lot going on around me.


What’s In Lena’s Bag

So, we are traveling and we need things in a bag…but we need to talk about what bag is the best! I’m a mama to THREE (count them…1, 2, 3) GIRLS, and they all have their own things they “need” when we’re traveling.  It’s nothing for me to dump out my bag and find a hairbrush, hair rubber bands, Barbie dolls, snacks, extra clothes, juice boxes…you get the point. I need a Mary Poppins bag – one that can hold everything AND looks stylish, too. Oh, and don’t forget I definitely need my hands free, too, because I’m likely pushing a stroller AND holding another set of little hands. My bag of choice when traveling is ALWAYS a backpack. And I am literally obsessed with this Lily Jade Anna Bag. Y’all this thing will solve all my traveling woes AND will look good while doing it. Lily Jade has thought of every possible pocket you might need and they’ve made it super easy to get to each one of them. This bag is definitely on my wish list, and is available to pre-order now just in time to arrive for all your spring break travels.  


What’s In Sarah’s Bag

One of my favorite things in the world – and a weird obsession- is pens. I have always LOVED getting to try all types of pens and find the absolute best one. I don’t like to think of how many hours I have spent in the pen aisle at Target! Whenever I am traveling, I always like to have a good pen with me for any situation. I  keep a journal with me as well for long flights, car rides, and anytime I want to sit and write. My favorite pen at the moment is the PIGMA MICRON 05 pen. Let me tell you, it is a total game changer! I also love this pen for hand lettering and note taking in my favorite books. The next time you are getting ready to travel, you might want to swing by Paper Source to grab these life-changers!


What’s In Summer’s Bag

You can ask any of my close friends or family and they will easily confirm that flying is not something I love to do. Some people would prefer an easy flight instead of a long drive to a destination but not this girl, I would pick the car ride any day! Flying is unavoidable and a fear I am working to overcome every trip, but with this fear of flying, one thing that I find absolutely essential to traveling is having headphones. Being able to listen to music while hustling through the terminal and up in the air is such a good distraction. Not to mention, those inevitable delays and long connections, headphones are vital to pass the time with music or a good Netflix show. So next time you are traveling for a work trip or a personal getaway don’t forget to throw your headphones in your carry on bag!

We are always looking for suggestions! Tell us: what are your go-to travel items that you never leave home without?


    AUTHOR: Kerry Gardner
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