If you’re anything like me, being cooped up in the house makes me shop online even more than usual. This does not help my goal to shop on Amazon less, but I’ve found a treasure trove of new products without having to brave the cold. Check out our team’s winter obsessions!


My Current Obsession


My current winter obsession is a new pair of jeans. I can’t stop wearing them! I’ve been looking for jeans for a while and haven’t found any that I love. Until one day, I was scrolling through Instagram and a girl who’s about the same size as I RAVED about these $25 Target jeans. I quickly added them to my Target cart, and the rest was history. I’ve genuinely fallen in love and have already ordered a second pair. Reviews say these are the closest dupes to Madewell jeans, so if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, check these out! 


Heather’s Current Obsession


It’s the winter…the season for sweaters and booties, soup and cozy blankets. Though the temptation to forget shaving (who’s gonna see your legs anyway?) and let your pedicures fall by the wayside is there, especially this time of year, I urge you to consider treating yourself. I’m currently obsessed with navy nails (one of my favorites is Essie’s After School Boy Blazer) and during the winter investing the time for a little pampering instead of hiding under a blanket constantly brightens my mood.


Speaking of winter blues, I’m working so hard to keep my skin bright and hydrated when it’s uber cold outside and easy for our skin to be parched and flaky. I recently began using Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil (thank you to our beauty guru Kerry Gardner). My dermatologist told me when I turned 40 that the number one thing to incorporate into my skincare regime is retinol. I’m here to tell you that this night serum with retinol is an absolute MUST. Listen to me…game changer!



Kerry’s Current Obsession


I’ve often shared my podcast obsession. Whether it’s true crime, news of the day, beauty, mental health, or comedy, I WILL LISTEN TO ANY OF IT. I honestly have a problem. I spend six hours several times a month in the car, commuting to Nashville from Knoxville for work. If I’m driving, I have a podcast playing. If I am cleaning and meal prepping on Sunday, I have a podcast playing. If I’m running on the treadmill, I have a podcast playing. Lately, I cannot get enough of Forever 35. It’s a beauty and lifestyle podcast, hosted by Kate Spencer and Doree Shafrir (Kat and Dor if you’re in the know!). It’s truly so delightful. I’ve gotten so many beauty recs, life hacks, helpful advice, tears, and inspiration from these two and their delightful guests. If you are at all interested in lifestyle content and warm fuzzy feelings, I highly recommend Forever35! I will also take your podcast and beauty recs. 



Maddie’s Current Obsession


Like many of you, this January, I did my best to prioritize my health and specifically make some changes to my daily food and drink intake after the holidays. I joined others in the valiant effort of #DryJanuary and cut out alcohol completely. This challenge was not as hard as it sounds, though, with the help of my friends Bubbly, Spindrift, La Croix, and Hint. I was completely obsessed with picking out new flavors and finding combinations of the above beverages for a fun mocktail! The pineapple Hint is my favorite choice if you’re looking for a refreshing and hydrating option, while the sparkling drinks are perfect for a non-alcoholic choice at a dinner party or outing. Just pour into your favorite glass, add a fresh garnish and you’re set (guilt-free)! 



Annie’s Current Obsession


Who else is sooo tired of this gloomy, dreary weather we are subject to in the winter months? Don’t get me wrong, I love the cold – but my soul longs for some sunshine in the mix. My current obsession is the Tula rose glow and get it eye balm. This bad boy is made with superfoods + probiotics, including rosehip oil, rosewater, caffeine, aloe, apple and watermelon. Yes, PLEASE! One swipe under your eye, and you can say goodbye to dark, puffy, dry skin. I use this product before applying my makeup (after moisturizing, of course) and even throughout the day! Do yourself a favor and give into the hype!


Kristina’s Current Obsession


With the cold weather in full swing, getting cozy on the couch and binge-watching the latest Netflix hit is my winter obsession. I normally have Netflix playing on my phone throughout the day (having noise in the background helps me focus). I believe there is nothing better than leggings, a warm blanket, and a glass of wine to enjoy my favorite shows. Drama and suspense-filled series are my go-to. I recently finished watching Blacklist. It was about a criminal mastermind who surrenders to the FBI with the offer to help catch other exclusive terrorists. However, there is a catch! He will only work with one specific rookie. Each episode walks you through how the FBI and criminal team capture the terrorists while sharing the story of why this rookie is so special. I couldn’t stop watching, so I finished six seasons in less than a month. If you have not seen it yet, you should. It’s definitely a must-watch! So grab a glass of wine and get watching because before you know it, winter will be over.


Other binge-worthy recommendations include Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez, You, Gossip Girl – for the 3rd time, Dirty John, The People v. O.J Simpson, Dynasty, Surviving R. Kelly, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder and Cheer..



Tell us, what are you obsessing over this winter?

    AUTHOR: Devin Lee Duke
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