Hi, my name is Luke West, also known as Master G. I am an Exercise Physiologist based in New Orleans, Louisiana. After 16 years of active duty service in the United States Marine Corps, I felt a greater calling for my life. 


In 2013, as an ISSA Certified Master Trainer, I began to become in contact with more & more people that knew less and less about diet and nutrition. It was after numerous one-on-one consultations that it became apparent that the Information Age had severely tarnished the actual science behind nutrition. 


In 2014, I began working with a 4th-year medical student who was struggling with reaching her health and fitness goals. Watching a future medical doctor suffer implanted a fire inside of me! I knew at this moment something had to change. So, I took my five years of bodybuilding experience,12 years of wrestling experience, and the information from my certification courses to develop an introductory meal plan that will help detox, cleanse, and restart the metabolic process. 


I discovered the initial problem with individuals who continually diet is that typically their bodies are not in a conducive state to lose weight. 


Years later in 2016, I realized the world didn’t need another diet system; the world was actually lacking proper nutrition education. Therefore, I created Master G’s Ultimate Nutrition System which including a three-phase format. The core basis was to provide every individual with sound nutritional education, food options from their neighborhood grocery stores, and the results they have been looking for their whole life. 


Since the pandemic of COVID-19, in March of 2020, the country has been in an even greater need of a nutrition program that got rid of fads, gimmicks, and most of all were affordable to each and every American. They also needed it to be done from the comfort of their own home. 



What is Master G’s Ultimate Nutrition System?


  • Phase I is a habit-forming system completed in 21 days. While individuals see great amounts of weight loss during phase one, it’s not a sustainable diet program. It’s designed to increase metabolic efficiency while changing an individuals eating & drinking habits. 


  • Phase II is a systematic approach to weight loss. It breaks up the monotony of dieting by using macro-cycling, cheat days, and all the while combining the core principles of Phase I. The human body’s toughest challenge in weight loss is homeostasis. This makes Phase II a crucial part of the individual’s weight loss program. 


  • Phase III is your life-long maintenance plan that continues the core principles of phase I and II. It also ensures you should never have to diet again. 


The greatest success I can offer someone is not only achieving their ideal weight but the gift of science-backed nutritional education. 


We all know dieting is extremely hard, but by creating a consistent & sustainable regiment you will achieve your final weight-loss goals.



Master G’s Top 5 Tips for Success:


  1. Don’t weigh yourself every day. Friday’s are typically the best day to weigh in. It gives you the opportunity to recover from the weekend and allows credit for a successfully regimented program during the week. 


  1. Take progress photos in the same outfit every 2 to 4 weeks, so you can see the progress you are making personally.


  1. Fall in love with your journey. Manage your expectations that any weight loss is a success. You can reasonably expect to lose 10-20 pounds in your first month of “dieting”, and 8-12 pounds each month after.  


  1. Ensure you have an accountability partner like a health coach, friend, family, or fitness professional. Everyone needs to be held accountable. It’s part of the formula for success.


  1. Find a resistance training program (weight training) that is sustainable for yourself.  Your basal metabolic rate is controlled by your muscle versus body fat ratio. To enjoy more food, you must possess more muscle. 


As people continue to enjoy the success of Master G’s Ultimate Nutrition System, we find our community group continuing to grow and spreading the gift of hope to those currently in their weight loss struggles.



    AUTHOR: Hannah Harter
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