My current season of life isn’t exactly easy. I started a new job in January, getting married in April and moving into a new house my fiancé and I built. Life is crazy.

I set out to write a blog filled with tips and tricks to managing it all, but to be honest it’s been difficult and I’m no expert. Writing this blog forced me to examine the last few months and made me realize how much personal growth I’ve made. This growth has made me a better co-worker, friend and future wife. Some other big takeaways I’ll carry into future seasons of my life:

  • Accept help. When people ask if they can help, they truly mean it, and I’ve learned that accepting that help is freeing. My gracious co-workers have helped me quickly acclimate to my new job and continuously help me when I have questions. My mom and friends have acted as my personal secretary, reminding me which wedding tasks need to be done. Accepting help has removed so much stress from my life and given me a feeling of community because it has truly taken a village to accomplish the end result.
  • Time block. Putting time blocks on my calendar gives me a clear understanding of what each day will look like. It shows me where I have free time to add items to my list and where I need to ask for help. I even block time to walk my dog and go to the gym, because those tasks are crucial when trying to maintain some sense of routine during this time of craziness. Having a timeframe or deadline has made me more efficient in my day-to-day, and I’ve noticed I get more accomplished in a timely fashion.
  • Let go of the guilt. I am constantly worried about disappointing people. Sometimes, I catch myself feeling guilty for everything I have going on and worry people are disappointed in me. “I’m the new girl at work. I’m the one getting married. I’m the one moving.” But honestly, that’s silly. If I can’t make an event because of my honeymoon – it’s ok – I’ll be at the next one. If I can’t attend my friend’s birthday party because I’m packing up a U-Haul – it’s ok – I’ll take her to lunch and have a more intimate celebration. Of course, I wish I could be at every event but that’s impossible during any season of life. I remind myself that no one is mad, and I stop feeling guilty.
  • Make peace with push notifications. Push notifications are the biggest difference between me and my fiancé. I believe he has about two thousand unread emails, and the evil red circle doesn’t bother him at all. Personally, I can’t give up reading emails, but I’ve made peace with having unread text and social messages. It’s a small thing for sure but I’m considering it growth! I still hate and will always hate the red circle.
  • Set boundaries. For the past two years, my Tuesdays have been off-limits. That is the night I make a crock pot meal and have girl’s night with my besties. We get together and watch #TheBachelor or do an at-home wine tasting! This worked so well that my fiancé and I implemented a date night every Wednesday night, which guarantees we see each other through the week and enjoy a mid-week date! Keeping these two commitments during this hectic season has been hard but so rewarding. It would have been so easy to call them off to get other things done, but these breaks were much needed, and the routine made my type A personality very happy.

In the past, when people said they were in a hard season of life or they were overwhelmed, I automatically assumed they were unhappy. That’s simply isn’t true. I’m in a really challenging season of life, but I’m radically happy. After all is said and done, I am extremely grateful for this period of time. First and foremost, I’m marrying a man who calms me when I’m stressed, brags about my work accomplishments to his friends and continuously prays over the construction site that is our first home together.

I also made a change to a job that I LOVE! I love representing clients that are making a difference around the world, and I get to do it with women who are focused on getting the job done while encouraging and building each other up every day. I know there is a lot more growth awaiting me, but this season of life has positioned me to accept the changes that are coming.

Change can be overwhelming, but it’s oh so exciting and most of the time has a way of working out. Looking back on your life, what life changes made you grow the most? What season do you find yourself within right now?


    AUTHOR: Devin Lee Duke
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