The key to crafting a pitch that will convert into media coverage is leading with a timely angle that will grab journalists’ attention. On average, journalists receive over 500 pitches per day, which means that the odds of your story falling flat and your email going unopened are likely unless you have a timely pitch. This month, our team has put together three timely pitch angles to inspire your media outreach strategy and help your email stick out in a crowded inbox. 


One trendy topic to lead with during February is Valentine’s and Galentines Days! With both holidays right around the corner, editors are frantically trying to put together the perfect list for gift guides, date night ideas, and exciting new things to try while staying home on V-Day. With the pandemic in mind, get creative around this. Pitch items and ideas that make sense in the current climate: candles, blankets, virtual date night events, dinner for 2 recipes, adult beverage ideas, couple-owned businesses, Valentine’s crafts with kids! Have fun and STAND OUT, but definitely stay away from events or services that aren’t COVID friendly! 


Since February follows a month fresh off new resolutions and goals, a great pitch angle would be a self-love rundown. This is especially helpful during the pandemic as so many people are looking for quick, practical, and unique ways to extend more grace and compassion towards themselves! How about unplugging from social media and practicing mindfulness? Buying yourself a beautiful bouquet, or even hosting your very own at-home spa? The key is sharing insight on ideas that the average person may not think of so you can gain the attention of your desired media contacts. 


February is Black History Month. With the current state of the world as it relates to social justice issues, we continue to see the importance of brands speaking up around these important celebrations (like Juneteenth, for example). Are you as a brand doing something big to celebrate the month? For example, CNN just covered UPS’ Express delivery boxes that got a Black History Month special design makeover. Or, is your business offering a virtual celebration? The secret to pitching is staying on top of the current news cycle and trends. You should always be thinking, “how can I fit into the current narrative?”


As we continue to navigate uncertainty with every passing day, the news cycle changes hourly. You can make sure your story remains relevant in the eyes of the media by keeping your finger on the pulse of trending news and popular culture. 

    AUTHOR: Heather Adams
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