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What does a book publicist do?

What exactly does a book publicist do? Well, they do a LOT of things and wear several hats, but here's a quick summary of the book publicity process.  Read Through Manuscript - When a book publicist reads the manuscript, we aren't reading like a traditional consumer. We are wearing our PR hat, ultimately thinking about the end...

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We’re hiring Summer Interns!

 At Choice, we LOVE working with interns. We always want to be a brand that empowers and pours into the next generation. That being said, we're on the hunt for summer interns! We are hiring in all areas of our business: Public relations, business development, social media, and event planning. If you're interested in joining...

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The Story of Choice

 It was Fall 2010 - my absolute favorite time to be in New York City. The crisp, autumn air mixed with the newest Fall looks as I run in and out of buildings between Central Park and Wall Street always leaves me on a professional high. It’s these pinch me moments in my career that...

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We’re Hiring! Chief of Staff and Senior Publicist

 The Choice team is hiring! We are on the lookout for a new Chief of Staff and Senior Publicist. If you're interested in joining our team, go ahead and click on the links below to our job descriptions. Thanks! Positions Available:Chief of Staff Job DescriptionSenior Publicist Job Description To Apply:Please submit your CV to  ...

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3 Pitch Angles for February

 The key to crafting a pitch that will convert into media coverage is leading with a timely angle that will grab journalists’ attention. On average, journalists receive over 500 pitches per day, which means that the odds of your story falling flat and your email going unopened are likely unless you have a timely pitch....

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How to Audit Your Instagram for the New Year

 It’s a new year, which means it’s time to audit your Instagram account! As always, the social media space is changing, which means that you should make updating your profile a priority. The goal of auditing your Instagram account is to make it the best it can be. So, whether your goal is to gain...

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Where We’re Being Intentional This Year

 With a new year, brings new intentions. Intentions are important because it sets the tone for the rest of the year. What you focus on is where your time and energy will go towards. You can be intentional about work, hobbies, relationships, etc. One way our team is setting their intentions is through writing them...

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Celebrating and Ending the Year!

 We made it through 2020! Almost! This year has been unprecedented, but we wanted to take a moment as a team to talk about our favorite moments of 2020 and what we're looking forward to in the new year! Enjoy! Heather:I sat down just a few moments ago and scrolled through all the pictures saved on...

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