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How To Take Advantage of the News Cycle

 We live in the era of the stimulating, but sometimes daunting 24-hour news cycle. It seems that everywhere we look there is breaking news flooding the headlines. However, as PR professionals, this offers frequent opportunities to garner coverage for clients to stay relevant and provide their expertise in response to these headlines.Here at Choice, we...

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Since launching the Choice blog, you’ve been hearing from our whole team on topics ranging from work/life dynamic, to experiences in problem-solving, to our favorite finds of the month. Today, we are giving you a peek into the personalities behind each of the distinct perspectives driving what you read on this blog. We are loving...

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Married to the CEO: Who Takes the Lead When Raising Boys?

Raising boys is definitely a challenge. No shocker there. But how do you do it when your wife is a CEO? No one single answer here other than partnership. That has to be your foundation. Crazy schedules sometimes dictate one parent or the other being the lead, but that doesn’t mean that it still isn’t a...

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Current Obsessions: What is Sparking Joy this Spring?

Here in Tennessee, we have officially survived the flood of 2019. With sunshine peeking through and the gray skies and rain behind us we are SO looking forward to spring! Our team is preparing for what comes along with the better weather and longer days. From spring cleaning, to new fashion and beauty products, and...

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