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What’s In My Bag: Travel Edition

We have the privilege of working with clients all across the country and with media contacts in New York, Los Angeles and everywhere in between. On top of that, we are constantly looking for ways to connect with our industry peers and to network with people who share our passions and interests.With all of the...

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I am a big fan of gigantic purses. I like to have all my things readily available – seven lipstick options are a necessity, right? You never know what you will need!While I love to have everything I need in my bag all the time, there is a specific checklist I follow when I am...

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Don’t forgot YOU in this season of love!

Valentine’s is the perfect friendly reminder to show everyone around you some love. Maybe you’ll have an extra girls night to celebrate Galentine’s Day. Perhaps you’ll give cheesy V-day cards to co-workers. Or,  join me in a simple movie night at home with your dog and hubby! Whatever you do this year, don’t forget to...

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The Transition Back to Nashville

Nashville is a place I am thankful to have always called home. Growing up it was much quieter, with very few people moving to the city. However, I moved away for four years, and my how things have changed! Now the “It” city has around 100 people moving to it everyday and you can’t go...

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Summer is in full swing which means beach days, backyard barbecues and maybe a little extra free time that you don’t normally have during the busy school year. What better way to spend your free time than catch up on the show you never had time to watch? We are right in the heat of July, but...

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Making a Job Transition a Breeze

We were at the local Chop House eating deviled egg appetizers and catching up. I had been on the job with my new gig for about a month and everything seemed unfamiliar and unknown.“I mean, I, uh, think I should have the hang of it within six months.” I tried to fake confidence, but couldn’t...

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How to Work Remotely and Not Lose Your Mind

Because I live in Knoxville and my job is in Nashville, my friends and family typically have many questions about my job: “Do you still live in Knoxville?” “Are you still working in Nashville?” “Do you actually have a job?” (FYI friends and fam, the answer is still “yes” to all of those).One of the...

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