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 Downtown Franklin is the perfect blend of historic preservation and Southern sophistication. Known as “America’s Favorite Main Street,” Historic Downtown Franklin is just 14 miles south of Nashville and a great location for a charming weekend getaway.  Main Street holds the perfect mix of fashionable boutiques, art galleries, gift and book stores, antique shops, restaurants, bars...

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 We all have challenges in our life. They come and go just like the four seasons most of us experience every year. But how do you navigate those seasons when the Mrs. is CEO too? Recently Heather and I have been weathering a pretty rough season. This summer, her parents’ home, the one that Heather...

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As the newest member of the Choice team, my role as social media manager implies the ever-growing importance of social media in running a successful business. This universal trend touches nearly every industry, business-type and size. In fact, individuals with any form of influence are now practically required to manage social media in a business-like...

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After a long HOT summer, it’s nice to dust off the Ugg boots and enjoy the crisp fall air with a PSL in my hand! For me, fall is very much welcomed as I thrive in weather that promotes you to leave your windows open.  Besides the fabulous weather, I’m super jazzed for my favorite holidays...

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Our End-of-Summer Bucket List

 As the Summer is quickly winding down and the “second new year” begins, life seems to be revving back up again! We can feel fall approaching as we inch into sweater weather, pumpkin spice, and my personal favorite, football season. However, we want to soak up the end of Summer and make the most of...

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Intern Takeover: Working with an All-Female Team

This year, we had the pleasure of serving Choice as Summer 2019 interns. Each of us has gained a great deal of knowledge that we will take with us throughout the rest of our careers. In this blog post, we wanted to focus on our unique experiences working with an all-female team. This environment allowed...

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The Inaugural Choice Summit: What You Need to Know

If you follow along with us here at Choice, you have probably seen us talking about an upcoming event that we are over the moon about! We are thrilled to be hosting our inaugural Choice Summit this Fall in our home of Franklin, Tennessee. The Choice Summit is a gathering of like-minded communications professionals who desire...

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Dating My Boys is Making Me A Better Mom

As we approach the back-to-school season, it is difficult not to plan ahead and miss out on all that the end of summer provides for ourselves and our children. There are school supply lists to purchase, fall sports to sign up for, backpacks and uniforms to find - and that’s just the kids’ stuff. Work...

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