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It seemed that we blinked, and the holidays (and the end of the decade!) are here. This wonderful time of the year is filled with loved ones, lots and lots of delicious food, and one of our favorite aspects, the act of giving. Giving gifts, big or small, evokes happiness and joy within us, which...

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Five Ways to Lead with Kindness

 Growing up with a speech impediment, I would always get teased for mispronouncing words. (You would have no idea how often words like turquoise and breakfast get brought up in the third grade.) Obviously, my young soul would be crushed with every mean comment, but instead of being mean back, I followed my mother's advice...

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 Each member of the Choice team has a unique personality, sensibility and point of view. We recognize this through words, actions, decisions and reactions. But deeper than this, we’ve discovered one another using valuable personality tests, including the Enneagram. For those of you who live outside of the Enneagram-obsessed Nashville bubble, this personality test is...

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Keeping Up When a Client Goes Viral

 In the PR industry, "Media begets media" is a commonly used phrase. I always believed that, but I didn't truly understand the full impact until I experienced it myself this summer when my client went viral.  This summer, the Associated Press shared The Budget Mom's advice. Then, NBC Make It Better wrote a piece on The...

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Choice Charms Charleston: 2019 Company Retreat Takeaways

 Last week, the Choice team climbed into a giant van with our fearless leader Heather in the driver’s seat, and we drove 10 hours together to the gorgeous, historic city of Charleston, South Carolina.  We stayed in a breath-taking home on the Isle of Palms named The Bea’s Nest after its previous owner, Beatrice Ravenel of...

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What’s In Your Gym Bag? With Julie Voris

 I have always had a passion for health and wellness and my daily workout makes the top of my list. However, living in a new city, working from home and hopping from coffee shop to coffee shop, and traveling into Nashville often, exercise can easily fall to the bottom of my list. In order to...

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 Downtown Franklin is the perfect blend of historic preservation and Southern sophistication. Known as “America’s Favorite Main Street,” Historic Downtown Franklin is just 14 miles south of Nashville and a great location for a charming weekend getaway.  Main Street holds the perfect mix of fashionable boutiques, art galleries, gift and book stores, antique shops, restaurants, bars...

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 We all have challenges in our life. They come and go just like the four seasons most of us experience every year. But how do you navigate those seasons when the Mrs. is CEO too? Recently Heather and I have been weathering a pretty rough season. This summer, her parents’ home, the one that Heather...

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