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What’s In My Bag: 4th of July Edition

As you plan your cookout menu for tomorrow’s barbecue, we encourage you to think of our service members near and far and the sacrifices they make daily. We at Choice have a soft spot for military spouses who provide strength to our service members. The personal sacrifices they make often come with an economic and...

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Taking Your Christian Message Mainstream

 Prior to going into any industry, there are always many questions and preconceived notions before jumping into the actual work. I will never forget sitting in one of my first public relations classes in college and asking myself, “How can I enter into the field of PR, pitching national media, with a focus on clients...

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Making More Time for Friends

With the onset of the summer months and jam-packed calendars, it’s so important to prioritize the things that are most important amidst the hustle. While we’re talking on Choice socials this week about how we are staying productive this summer, we also wanted to emphasize the critical nature of staying engaged with our dearest friends....

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Daddy + Me: The Influence of My Father on My Leadership

I was born in the 70s, raised in the 80s, in high school and college in the 90s. I am a product of blue collar, middle class parents who prioritized family dinners, church on Sundays, experiences over possessions and hard work. Summers were spent outside (always, outside) playing with neighbors, swimming in the pool, barbequing...

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Why Relationships with Co-Workers Matter

Last week, the Choice team and our spouses gathered together at Sinking Creek Farm to celebrate our 5th anniversary as a company. We sat around a large farm table, much like families do to celebrate holidays or special events. Except we weren’t pretending to be a big family - we are a family. I listened...

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Influence but Not Control: 4 Ways to Troubleshoot PR Issues

After nearly a decade in the communications and public relations industry, I continue to learn new things every day (and every hour, on particularly challenging days). That’s one thing I truly adore about my job. We are continually pivoting with industry changes, troubleshooting issues, and thinking strategically and creatively. The fast pace is refreshing, and...

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Our Summer Current Obsessions

The temperatures are rising here in Tennessee, school days are dwindling down, and summer will be here before we know it! As a mom to 3 young girls, we are counting down the days until school is out, so we can celebrate our favorite time of year!During the summer months, we are way more relaxed...

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