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Influence but Not Control: 4 Ways to Troubleshoot PR Issues

After nearly a decade in the communications and public relations industry, I continue to learn new things every day (and every hour, on particularly challenging days). That’s one thing I truly adore about my job. We are continually pivoting with industry changes, troubleshooting issues, and thinking strategically and creatively. The fast pace is refreshing, and...

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Our Summer Current Obsessions

The temperatures are rising here in Tennessee, school days are dwindling down, and summer will be here before we know it! As a mom to 3 young girls, we are counting down the days until school is out, so we can celebrate our favorite time of year!During the summer months, we are way more relaxed...

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How To Write an Email That Gets Opened

So many people we work with (or want to work with) are juggling five million things. I’m emailing business owners who are also juggling newborns. Or, I’m asking someone to coffee who literally doesn’t have time to finish their to-do list before leaving the office each day. As a momma who time blocks nearly every...

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The Value Found in Starting Internships Early

When I first started school, my advisors consistently talked about a brilliant girl who, throughout her time in undergrad, had completed nearly 12 internships. Yes, truly that many. She became known to me as “Internship Girl,” and subconsciously, I think this became my personal denotation of success.Now, for a little more backstory, I was raised...

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Happy World Book Day! Here’s What’s on Our Shelf

Does anyone else have fun with the National Days like we do?! It’s fun (and a little silly) to celebrate things like pizza, nail polish, fitness and ice cream with their own special day. However, these random days add the perfect amount of whimsy and spontaneity to our weeks and sometimes even a change to...

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8 Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering A Publicist

I’ve been a publicist for more than two decades, and I’ve owned Choice for nearly five years (hooray for our anniversary in June!). One question I am constantly asked is: “How do I know if I need a publicist?”Publicity and communications are important for any growing business but they can be challenging to understand. Business...

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How To Take Advantage of the News Cycle

 We live in the era of the stimulating, but sometimes daunting 24-hour news cycle. It seems that everywhere we look there is breaking news flooding the headlines. However, as PR professionals, this offers frequent opportunities to garner coverage for clients to stay relevant and provide their expertise in response to these headlines.Here at Choice, we...

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