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Setting Boundaries

  In the current season we have found ourselves in, “working from home” has turned into “living at work,” and we can all agree it can be overwhelming to find balance. It is crucial for our mental health and well-being to find this balance and set boundaries between our personal and professional lives. We are excited to...

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NOW HIRING: Choice Fall 2020 Internships

 We are so thrilled that you are interested in the opportunities for our Social Media, Business Development, and Publicity internships. Please select the position below that you wish to apply for, and it will direct you to the application. We look forward to hearing from you!  Publicity Application     Social Media Application     Business Development Application  ...

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Pivoting Your Message During a Pandemic

  Early in my PR career, I learned not to get too married to the plans I made because 99% of the time, things changed. Things happen and happen quickly in the PR industry. Your client might get bumped from a national TV interview because of breaking news, you might have 8 hours notice to provide...

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Choice Summer Bucket List

 Together we have created the ultimate summer bucket list that will fill our summer with new adventures, time away from home, and lasting memories.  Choice Summer 2020 Bucket ListVisit a new Beach - The beach is my happy place. If I could enjoy a mini vacation at a new beach location it would make my...

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Friday Favorites with Heather: Summer Amazon Finds

 Reversible Outdoor Camping MatThackston's birthday is quickly approaching and his request? To go camping as a family. We're renting an RV and headed to a state park, y'all. And this reversible mat is both portable and cute! It'll help me spruce up our  RV "outdoor patio." Ha! Plastic Deck Box Waterproof StorageSpeaking of patios, we've just...

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Choice’s 2020 Father’s Day Gift Guides

With Father’s Day right around the corner, the Choice team gathered our favorite gift ideas for all sorts of dads. If you aren’t able to celebrate in person with the fathers in your life due to the pandemic, many of these gifts would be perfect to ship directly to their door! Read along for unique...

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Friday Favorites with Heather: Summer Sun Protection

It's that time of year, y'all. We find ourselves outside with the sun beating down. I'm fully obsessed with protecting my skin and since Wednesday was #NationalSunscreenDay, I decided that this was the perfect week to bring you a full round up of all cutest, best and most fun things we can use to protect...

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What We’ve Learned During COVID-19

 Trying to find the positive during a time when we are anxious, nervous, and living in fear can be hard, but focusing on what we have learned about ourselves and how we are growing as people has brought a glimpse of happiness and light into our days.  We are excited to share with you what each...

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