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What I’m Known For: Southern Living’s Betsy Cribb

 My grandmother was a Southern debutante from Nashville with the kind of elegant style, grace, and the ability to sip a gin martini without smearing her lipstick that you only read about in novels that land on Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club list. I have vivid memories of reading Southern Living with her from a very young...

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Looking Forward to the ’20s

 As the ball drops on 2019, this week marks both the beginning of a new year AND a new decade. For many of us, the ‘10s included highs and lows. Memorable moments and experiences we’d be better off forgetting. With so much of this out of our control, the “new year, new you” season reminds...

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Finding Stability in a Time of Transition

 Do you feel like you are in a season where you can’t quite keep your feet on the ground? Life is full of changes and times of transition, sometimes planned and frequently unexpected. These shifts, whether good or bad, are inevitably going to evoke new emotions and challenges. In the last few months, I have experienced...

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INTERN TAKEOVER: 6 Real-Life Lessons Learned Outside of the Classroom

 Completing an internship with Choice Media and Communications provides the opportunity to learn many real-life lessons that sitting in a classroom simply could not teach us. We’ve been taught everything from how to develop professional relationships to building a comprehensive, customized media list.  I’m Skyler Brown, one of the publicity interns at Choice! I am a...

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It seemed that we blinked, and the holidays (and the end of the decade!) are here. This wonderful time of the year is filled with loved ones, lots and lots of delicious food, and one of our favorite aspects, the act of giving. Giving gifts, big or small, evokes happiness and joy within us, which...

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Five Ways to Lead with Kindness

 Growing up with a speech impediment, I would always get teased for mispronouncing words. (You would have no idea how often words like turquoise and breakfast get brought up in the third grade.) Obviously, my young soul would be crushed with every mean comment, but instead of being mean back, I followed my mother's advice...

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 Each member of the Choice team has a unique personality, sensibility and point of view. We recognize this through words, actions, decisions and reactions. But deeper than this, we’ve discovered one another using valuable personality tests, including the Enneagram. For those of you who live outside of the Enneagram-obsessed Nashville bubble, this personality test is...

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Keeping Up When a Client Goes Viral

 In the PR industry, "Media begets media" is a commonly used phrase. I always believed that, but I didn't truly understand the full impact until I experienced it myself this summer when my client went viral.  This summer, the Associated Press shared The Budget Mom's advice. Then, NBC Make It Better wrote a piece on The...

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