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Spring Cleaning Your Life

 With an unexpected and inordinate amount of time available to spend in my home, the idea of spring cleaning has actually sounded quite exciting recently. I don’t normally make it a priority to clean up and clear out, but with so many things out of our control right now, it’s exciting to feel in control...

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What’s In Your Bag? With Julie Couch

 As a busy young professional, I feel like I’m always missing something when walking out the door. To make sure I’m carrying around the right necessities to have a successful day while on the go, working two jobs and being a social butterfly, I reached out to our rockstar client, Julie Couch, as I knew...

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 We at Choice are blessed with an endless amount of love. The majority of us strive to live a life where giving back is a priority, but with our busy schedules, it often falls last on our very long to-do lists. For the past few years, during February, Heather has challenged her team to make loving...

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How an Enneagram 1 Empowers Others to Lead

 At my best as an Enneagram 1, I value honesty above all else, I’m responsible and honor my commitments, and I am always working to improve myself. At my most unhealthy, I am rigid with my structure, resent those who don’t do it my way, and strive for perfection.   So, as I have grown in my...

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Seasons of Love

 Love is in the air.. Can you feel it? We here at Choice LOVE love (even though Heather hates hearts - ha!). I would love to think that it is something that we celebrate year-round. Whether as a group we are candle making, enjoying a cocktail after a long day of work, gift-giving at the...

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Winter Wonderland of New Obsessions

 If you're anything like me, being cooped up in the house makes me shop online even more than usual. This does not help my goal to shop on Amazon less, but I've found a treasure trove of new products without having to brave the cold. Check out our team's winter obsessions! My Current Obsession My current winter...

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Beating the Winter Blues

 While I don’t think I have Seasonal Affective Disorder, I definitely struggle this time of year. The excitement of the holidays is over, the decor and tree are gone, and pool season feels lightyears away. It can be easy to get into a rut this time of year. The cold weather, short, dark days, and...

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What I’m Known For: Southern Living’s Betsy Cribb

 My grandmother was a Southern debutante from Nashville with the kind of elegant style, grace, and the ability to sip a gin martini without smearing her lipstick that you only read about in novels that land on Reese Witherspoon’s Book Club list. I have vivid memories of reading Southern Living with her from a very young...

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