Do you feel like you are in a season where you can’t quite keep your feet on the ground? Life is full of changes and times of transition, sometimes planned and frequently unexpected. These shifts, whether good or bad, are inevitably going to evoke new emotions and challenges.


In the last few months, I have experienced the most dramatic changes in my life, in the shortest amount of time. Since July, I have gotten married, moved to a new city,  became a medical student’s spouse (this is a dual effort!), and am a new dog mom! I have been forced to seek out ways to find comfort during this season. 



In this blog, I am excited to share with you some tips that have helped me find stability in this time of transition. However, I want to be transparent, as I, by no means, have it all together! Most days, it feels like I am still barely treading water, but even writing this blog has helped me seek new ways to find peace during this time. 


I hope these FIVE strategies encourage you, as they are continually helping me as I grow and settle into this new season of life. 


Make Self-Care a Priority 

One thing that has helped me tremendously during any time of transition is taking time for self-care. In a time of change where you feel like you are not entirely in control, this allows you to take ownership of how you treat your body. For me, whether that is making sure I get a workout in, meal-prepping for the week, or treating myself to a face mask before bed, these small actions are so impactful and beneficial to all areas of my life. 


Lean into Your Community 

In any transition, whether big or small, seeking out community is so important. Be vulnerable with your loved ones, and accept the love and support they can offer you. Look for ways you can meet new faces. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help. You’ll be surprised by the willingness and kindness of people when you do. Relationships are transformative, and you don’t have to face these new times alone. 



Stop Comparing

It is SO easy to compare the new season you are in, to past ones. One thing I have to remind myself daily is that change is good, and my experiences are unique. I don’t have to forget what I loved about the past. In fact, it’s okay to grieve the loss. However, it is helpful to know that everything is not going to be just like it used to be. And that’s okay. I encourage you to be open and embrace the newness of your transition.


Give Yourself Grace

Grace is something I am preaching to myself daily! During times of change, you need grace always, from yourself and others. Transitions are not supposed to be comfortable, and they take time to ease into. Remember that! We are all learning as we go and remind yourself that you are doing the best you can. 


Create Structure in Your Schedule 

Structure and routine often feel unimaginable during a transition. One thing that has been beneficial for me is adding certain rituals to my week. That could be making every Monday be a girl’s night. Or, doing the same five things as soon as you wake up every morning. Knowing particular things are staying the same, week to week, has helped me tremendously.


As you embrace your new transition, I hope these strategies help you as you seek stability and peace. Do you have ways that have helped you in the past? Share them with us as we would love to hear your input!


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AUTHOR: Sarah Tuttle
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