I am incredibly excited about today’s Friday Favorites. If you know me, you know that I love all things Enneagram, so today I am sharing my favorite Enneagram inspired date night ideas! With our kids at home, we all definitely need some extra date nights, so be sure to try these out and let me know how you like them! 



Type 1: The Perfectionist


Date Idea: Night Out on the Town







Type 2: The Helper 


Date Idea: Home-cooked Meal







Type 3: The Achiever 


Date Idea: Couples Spa Day






Type 4: The Individualist


Date Idea: Local Live Music





Type 5: The Investigator


Date Idea: Visit a Museum






Type 6: The Loyalist 


Date Idea: Movie Night





Type 7: The Enthusiast 


Date Idea: Dance Class




Type 8: The Challenger 


Date Idea: Axe Throwing




Type 9: The Peacemaker 


Date Idea: Wine Tasting






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AUTHOR: Hannah Harter
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