Tote: Boat and Tote

This L.L. Bean extra large tote bag with long straps has lasted me FOREVER. It’s monogrammed with our last name and always comes with me to the ball field. I can carry everything a baseball mom could possibly need, and then some. And the best part? It’s machine washable and comes out looking brand new. 


On any given Saturday, we could be outside for 10+ hours, which means snacks are essential. In addition to our drinks and fruit we keep cold in the coolers, I try to bring tons of snack-size munchies. Most sweet treats will quickly melt in the sun, but we keep Big League Chew gumballs on deck. Plus, the boys swear they pitch better if they’re chewing!


Y’all know I’m obsessed with protecting my skin, and SuperGoop is my go-to product of choice. The entire family will use the Everyday Lotion all over our bodies, and we’ll spray our faces with the RefreshMist before heading out for the day. 

Choose Joy Patriotic Tie Dye Pullover

For early morning warm-ups and late-night games, I always bring a sweatshirt with me. This pullover from The Shop Forward has been perfect for the summer, especially because both boys’ team colors are red, white, and blue! 

NYX Butter Gloss in Créme Brulee

I don’t tend to wear a ton of makeup to the ball field, but once I throw on a pair of sunglasses and this nude gloss, I feel ready for the day. 


Zak! Monogrammed Tumbler

For the Choice strategic planning retreat, I monogrammed these tumblers for the team and it was a major hit. I’ve been carrying mine with me to games, and I swear it keeps my beverage cold for hours. Typically, it’s a La Croix or water,  but baseball moms can enjoy a White Claw too, right?

Quay Aviators

I love my Quay sunglasses (pronounced “key”), and I have 5-6 versions of the aviators alone. They are a classic style that looks great on any face shape, and these pair perfectly with a baseball cap for a sporty look. 


Mesh Zip Pouches

My tote bag is huge, so using individual mesh pouches for different items means no time wasted digging around for something. I keep the pouches organized and the mesh allows me to see what’s inside, so I can pull out exactly what I need. 

Baseball Hat

99% of the time, I will be wearing a baseball cap at the ball fields. I’ve especially loved the “Born Year” and “Girl Power” hats from The Shop Forward. The classic colors and styles go with anything, so no need to change when I’m cheering for both boys’ teams in one day!

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