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Elaine Turner wants you to know that you are worthy. With unfiltered candor, sharp wisdom, humor, and warmth, Elaine is challenging women to be honest with themselves and with the world––and to thus be part of sparking real cultural change. Best known to many as a successful fashion designer and founder of Elaine Turner®, Elaine has a new mission: to help every woman realize she is worthy––and that worthiness is inborn and internal, not determined by any external successes or failures. Through a variety of outlets including her book Breaking the Glass Slipper, compelling talks, and her new three-part online course Know Your Worth, she is pushing women across the country to connect with themselves, reject false narratives, and upend the status quo. A mother of an adolescent special-needs daughter and a college-aged son, Elaine lives with her husband Jim and their family in Houston, Texas. For more information, please visit


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