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Laura Tremaine is a Hollywood hous wife. But she’s also a writer, avid reader, and beloved podcaster. Laura grew up in a small town in southern Oklahoma and moved to Los Angeles site unseen when she was 22. Years of film and television production followed, and in 2007, she married the director she met on her first movie set. For six years, Laura wrote regularly at Hollywood Housewife, a blog that opened doors of friendship and opportunity all over the world. Through blogging, Laura traveled to Sri Lanka, Haiti, Israel, and all over the United States writing and speaking. Eventually, she closed the “Hollywood Housewife” blog and moved toward podcasting. She was a regular co-host on the girlfriend chat show “Sorta Awesome” and is the creator and host of the topic-drivenm “Smartest Person in the Room.” She launched a celebrated blog called “10 Things To Tell You,” in 2019 and then its eponymous podcast the “10 Things To Tell You Podcast,” shortly thereafter. Her first book, “Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First.,” drops February 2, 2021. Laura lives in LA with her husband and two young children.

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