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A moving read that is both lively storytelling and a provocative call to a different way of seeing the world and ourselves in it, SUFFER STRONG draws on the Wolfs’ experience and spirituality to offer hope as inspirational as it is practical. Jay and Katherine alternate chapters, both writing in the first person on specific and wide-ranging topics from loss to beauty, healing to commitment. Philosophical, warm, and pragmatic, Jay candidly explores his life as a husband, caregiver, father, and partner. Wise, vulnerable, and often laugh-out-loud funny, Katherine invites readers into her recovery, frustrations, dreams, and victories. Both authors attempt to reframe life not just for themselves, but for everyone as a never-ending exercise in redefining hope, expectations, and callings.

SUFFER STRONG is the follow- up to Katherine and Jay’s excellent first book, “Hope Heals,” which details the 26 year old, new mom’s extraordinary survival after a near-fatal stroke, as well as her inspiring recovery and even flourishing within the profound disabilities that remain, including giving birth to a miracle baby, John.


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