Love is in the air.. Can you feel it? We here at Choice LOVE love (even though Heather hates hearts – ha!). I would love to think that it is something that we celebrate year-round. Whether as a group we are candle making, enjoying a cocktail after a long day of work, gift-giving at the holidays or sharing a lunch at Taziki’s talking all things skin care and “The Bachelor,” we are always loving well on one another. That is one of the things that makes our team so unique, and such sweet sisters at the end of the day. Our team would love to tell you more about the Season of Love they are in. Dating, engaged, married.. We run the spectrum. Let’s dive further into things and see what all this love is about!


Annie’s Season of Love


I am in a sweet Season of Love. In November, we celebrated 2 years married and this month we celebrate 6 years together. My husband and I grew up together and did not begin dating until the end of college. Our desire was to TRAVEL! We’ve done a ton of traveling in our first two years including Turks & Caicos (honeymoon!), Park City, Hawaii, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, Washington D.C., Asheville, Chicago, Savannah, too many beach trips to count.. The list goes on. We LOVE to experience new places together and adore traveling. In this pre-kiddo season, we are being selfish with our time together and enjoy splurging on our experiences and making memories.



Heather’s Season of Love


As the oldest around here (ahem, I turn 44 next week), I’m the furthest along in my “season.” Ha! And listen, I’ve kissed A LOT of frogs to get to this spot. But, I have to tell you, it’s the sweetest season of love I’ve ever been in. My husband, Matt, and I have been married for 16 years (17 this September). We have two sons, Dixon (13) and Thackston (10). While certainly I remember those early days of dating and how electric the feelings and emotions were (there’s nothing like your first kisses, am I right?), the love has grown and evolved and deepened to much more than just the physical attraction. Love in our house looks like a made bed when you know how much joy it brings your partner or letting the other sleep in while you handle the kids so they can rest. Love looks like putting gas in your spouse’s car so they don’t have to get out in the rain. Love looks like weekly date nights that are a priority so you can spend time together intentionally and not just be roommates. Love looks like constantly asking “how may I serve you” to your spouse and knowing you are still equal partners. Love also looks like physical intimacy in an age when you’re also talking with your children about sex (Jesus be near). 



When I saw hunky, tan, ripped Matt Adams in his yellow bathing suit in Destin, Florida in 2002 and knew he was my future, I had no idea how the love would grow. But it has and he is my person and still gives me all the butterflies when he tells me I look beautiful. Our bodies are rounder and our faces have deeper lines and our hair (well, my hair not his – I promise I’m not bitter) has more gray, but there’s no one I’d rather face this world with. Cheers to the seasons of love later in life when you feel more comfortable in your own skin and your partnership has weathered some pretty rough storms, but is still sailing. 


Kerry’s Season of Love


Just last week, I was looking back on a photo from the night we got engaged. That was five years ago, but it feels like only yesterday. While we are only a couple of years into married life, we’ve been friends for more than 15 years. Because of the strong foundation we built, I feel like I truly have a partner to walk through life with. Jake and I know each other in a way that only decades-long friends can, and I feel like we’ve seen each life stage happen. As friends, we cheered each other on, remained close even with physical distance, and always, always, always laughed together. I think that same mentality will serve us well as we step into new stages of life. As we celebrate four years of marriage in the coming months, I hope we continue to cheer each other on, support each other in good and bad times, and laugh at everything along the way. 



Devin Lee’s Season of Love


This year is our fourth Valentine’s Day together. On our first Valentine’s Day, he gifted me a Pandora charm bracelet with two charms, one an inside joke about coffee and the other a dog charm for our beloved doodle Wagner. Since then, he’s gifted me charms to represent our engagement, marriage, milestone birthdays, the purchase of our house, and more inside jokes. After looking at the bracelet again today, I couldn’t help but realize we’re transitioning out of the milestones many couples go through during their newlywed season. There might not be a charm to represent the sheer happiness and laughter that fills our current season of love, and I’m A-OK with that! We hope and pray our next milestone will include little baby laughs, but until then, we are blissfully happy with our marriage and will 100% cancel plans with others to be together. 



Maddie’s Season of Love


At this moment, Tanner and I are in one of the most exciting seasons of love — engagement! We are two months away from our wedding day and we have all. the. feels. As high school sweethearts, we’ve technically been together for nearly 10 years. But after four years of doing long-distance in college, our relationship grew to a level that solidified one thing — we were meant to be together. After starting our careers and completing post-graduate education, the timing fell into place and he popped the question (eek!). In this season, I continue to feel extremely grateful for the healthy and supportive relationship we’ve built together with the support of amazing friends and family members. We can’t wait to make it official and celebrate with all of these special people! Pinch me! 



Kristina’s Season of Love


I am new in my season of love. My boyfriend and I celebrated 2 years of dating on New Year’s Eve. We are both from Massachusetts but did not meet until after I had moved to Nashville. Although it didn’t start off where we instantly fell in love, it definitely is my perfect love story. We started off best friends doing everything together and eventually decided to take a leap of faith and fell in love. This past month we moved into our first apartment together without roommates and it has been amazing! I think the most beautiful thing about our relationship is it’s far from perfect. I was never the little girl who dreamed of her fairytale wedding. I was convinced those only happened in movies. Justin has seen me at my worst, he has broken down every wall that was put up to protect my heart and he is not only the person I want to live with but the person I never want to live without. I am so looking forward to where our love will bring us next!



During this season, we think it’s especially important to stop and smell the roses. No matter what season you are in, there is something beautiful about it. How are you celebrating your season of love this week?

    AUTHOR: Annie Cotter
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