With an unexpected and inordinate amount of time available to spend in my home, the idea of spring cleaning has actually sounded quite exciting recently. I don’t normally make it a priority to clean up and clear out, but with so many things out of our control right now, it’s exciting to feel in control of a few.


But when I started to make my spring cleaning to-do list, I realized that I have the opportunity to organize more than just my home. Now is the time to refresh all of the important areas of my life. With a client roster full of experts in a variety of these areas, I decided to pull my inspiration from a select few:


Spring Cleaning My Finances – The Budget Mom 


Kumiko Love, aka The Budget Mom, is a financial counselor advising more than 2.2+ million social media followers combined to live a life they love on a budget they understand and can afford.


A few ideas I’ve pulled from Miko’s blog and social media posts include:

  • Eliminate any unnecessary expenses I’m not able to utilize right now because of COVID-19 (gym membership, beauty appointments, etc.) 
  • Track every expense. Miko has a free expense tracker that will be so easy to use.  
  • Start a $5 challenge. Every five dollar bill I come across I will save for an exciting purchase! 



Spring Cleaning My Career – Dee Ann Turner


Dee Ann is a 33-year veteran of Chick-fil-A, Inc. Prior to retirement in 2018, she was Vice President, Talent and Vice President, Sustainability. The company’s first female officer, she was instrumental in building and growing Chick-fil-A’s well-known culture and talent systems. Today, she is a best-selling author, speaker, leadership coach and consultant. 


A few ideas I’ve pulled from Dee Ann’s writings include:

  • Start more conversations with strangers. It might surprise you what could happen. (This might mean virtual conversations for a little while…)
  • Learn to delegate effectively. In order to grow as a leader, I have to relinquish trust and allow others to accomplish tasks their way. 
  • Set more goals. Now that I am a few years into my professional career, I’ve learned so much about myself. Now is the time to revisit my career goals!



Spring Cleaning My Fitness Routine – Julie Voris


Julie Voris is on a mission to empower women to live life to the fullest, through healthy lifestyle tips, expert nutrition plans, and a motivational attitude. As a renown fitness instructor, she has worked side-by-side with some of the top fitness experts in the country.


Julie has inspired me to: 

  • Embrace at-home workouts. Let’s face it – we may need to do this for a while…
  • Listen to my body. I’m a picky eater, so I have never been great with diets. But what I have noticed is, if I choose foods based on how they make me feel, I naturally make healthier choices. 
  • Create a new routine. Julie is the queen of consistency, and she has inspired me to revitalize my daily routine to increase my confidence during this chaotic time. 



Spring Cleaning My Heart – Katherine & Jay Wolf 


Katherine and Jay Wolf are speakers, authors and founders of the non-profit ministry, Hope Heals. They also co-authored “HOPE HEALS,” the account of Katherine’s catastrophic stroke and their new life, told from both of their perspectives. Their second book, “SUFFER STRONG: How to Survive Anything by Redefining Everything” released earlier this year. 


A few ideas Katherine and Jay gave me:

  • Celebrate more. If Katherine and Jay can still celebrate life after so much trauma, I can absolutely do the same. 
  • Redefine my losses. Sometimes losses actually mean new beginnings. It’s OK to mourn a loss, but there is always an opportunity to live out something new. 
  • Always, always, always have hope. Katherine puts it, “Life defines us. Suffering redefines us. Hope refines us.” 



Spring Cleaning My Home – Julie Couch 


Julie Couch is a Nashville-based interior designer who is passionate about creating curated and collected homes. A member of the Southern Living Designer Network, she recently brought her wit, smarts and creative design eye to the DIY Network’s “Nashville Flipped.” Couch and her talented team work with clients throughout the US, and her work has been featured in Country Living, Southern Home, Traditional Home and on


Julie has inspired me to: 

  • Update one room with wallpaper. Julie recently shared a video about this trend and it inspired me to try it in my home! 
  • Buy original art. Julie is an artist herself and runs a nonprofit gallery, which has reminded me of how important it is to support local creatives.
  • Remember that it takes time. Although the projects that Julie shares seem to be effortlessly perfect, she often reminds her audience that a beautifully-curated home will take time to create. 



If you’re feeling underwhelmed by the idea of strictly scrubbing in order to spring clean, think again. I hope these goals of mine, inspired by our clients, give you a new perspective on the seasonal project. How will you be approaching spring cleaning in your life? 

    AUTHOR: Maddie McGarvey
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