Hey, y’all! My name is Retha Nichole. I am a certified small business and life coach. My passion is to help women who have had life hit them like a mack truck, find their way back to their purpose. Today I am thrilled to be sharing with you a favorite preparation tool of mine, Sunday Planning.


Sunday Planning 


I believe that preparation will take you much further than just running into the week. Each week, I do what I call Sunday Planning. I choose my TOP 5 things, both business and personal, that will help me be the most successful for the upcoming week.


For example, here are my top 5 things for this week:




There are weeks when other things come into my list and are more important. Like when planning a vacation or getting the boys ready for back to school. However, due to Covid-19, none of that is happening.  Let’s walk through this week, in particular, and I can explain each item, and why it’s important in my world. 



Meal Plan 

  • Meal Planning is a regular for me as a wife and mom to 3 boys. This item is crucial, living in a house with 4 men, who for years repeatedly asked: “what’s for dinner”. On Sunday, I get a notepad and begin to write 5-6 menu items. Things that we can have for dinner this week. (Meat, Veggie, Starch) I don’t put them on a specific day, I just write 5-6 meals. From that menu, I make a grocery list and check the freezer and pantry. Then, I order groceries from Walmart Grocery to be picked up early Monday morning.  You don’t even understand how wonderful it is completing this weekly. If you don’t try anything else. Implement this process. It will change your life! 



Social Media

  • Social Media for me is a business resource. It is how I gain clients and am able to reach potential clients.  Therefore, I want to plan my messaging to be a light not just whatever I am feeling that day. Do you think that marketing executives just wake up and write commercials and then it goes on the air the same day? NOPE! If you are a small business, then you are the marketing department. Plan your content ahead of time. That can sound daunting, so doing it weekly makes it easier. I write out 5 captions based on my business purpose, and the problem I solve. I then find in my camera roll 5 photos and load them into Instagram. Save each one as a draft and post it at the appropriate time. If you’re using social media for business and not getting the results you desire. This is a good tip to try. 



Boys Room

  • My boys are currently spending 3 weeks at my parent’s home so while they are gone I am redecorating their room. This is just me looking at what I am missing to complete the project and write it on my schedule.




  • Even though Covid-19 doesn’t allow me to meet with my clients face to face right now. I am on a ZOOM call Monday through Friday. The biggest waste of time first thing in the morning is standing in front of a closet asking yourself “What am I going to wear?” It causes you early anxiety or to rush for no reason.  On Sunday, I walk in my closet and pick 5 things based on meetings, or anything else where people will see me. 



Client Plan

  • Each week I see clients and my job is to guide them in their business and life. I do not want them to feel anxious about their business so we will remain disciplined in our plan but I will listen to their hearts about the state of their business and if we need to pivot we will. I am creating emails to go out to them today as well. Questions that will make them think, reflect, and not get distracted. This is helpful to me because it makes me look at my schedule to see WHO I will see this week and because most clients and I meet bi-weekly. It prepares me for what we did last time and what we need to do this week. 



That is it for the week and just taking that 45 minutes to an hour to prepare for the week brings me so much calm and rest knowing that I am prepared. 


I am a visual person or like to learn by watching. If you are that way click here to watch a webinar I did on this topic. I tackle a different 5 items and I go more in-depth with the process. 


Be sure to follow me on Instagram where each Sunday I prompt everyone to create their Sunday Plan and I show you all that I am planning this week.  There is also a Story Highlight to see all the different options if you need help jogging your mind for what will work for you. 


Happy Planning!




More About Retha: 

I’m a southern girl at heart. I spent the majority of my life in Texas–I was born in Houston and attended the University of Texas at Austin. After college, I got to see the world as a flight attendant with American Airlines. I loved working with people and discovering new places, but deep down, I knew I needed to plant some roots.

I moved to Atlanta, GA to be closer to my parents. There, I ventured into the real estate world, where I became one of the top-producing agents with Harry Norman Realtors. Now, three boys and a bakery later, I make my home in Alabama where I am a proud member of Junior League.

Loving people and helping uncover their purpose in life is in the fabric of who I am. I’ve lived a full story flavored by both pain and joy, and it’s my hope to use my experiences to connect with others.

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