Two years ago I had a vision. I dreamed of gathering peers – people, like me, who were small business owners, leaders and managers of people, communications professionals or influencers in some way – to link arms and make each other stronger, more successful. I shared that vision with Kerry (our VP of Operations) and her eyes lit up. I knew we had a strong concept: build an event that we would want to attend, where we would walk away transformed, well-connected with like-minded professionals AND (here’s the kicker) be able to take our entire team. I’ve found two things to be true of events that I’ve attended – either they’re affordable, but not strong in content and takeaway OR they’re so expensive that I can only send one person from our team or no one at all. The Choice Summit was born.


Last year we hosted our inaugural Summit in the idyllic and charming Franklin, Tennessee, just outside Nashville. It was EXACTLY what I dreamed. Women (and a few men – hey JJ and George!) gathered for a day full of experts, thought leaders and change agents challenging us in areas like:

  • Win with Who: the selection and retention of talent
  • Clarifying your message so customers will listen
  • Pitch and land major national media
  • Podcasting 101 


There was dedicated time for Summit Ally partnerships – where each attendee was paired with another for thought-provoking discussion around industry trends, recent wins, biggest challenges and lofty goals to move the needle in their business. 


Attendees like Velvet Kelm, president of The Media Collective, shared: 

“My time spent at last year’s Choice Summit was incredibly uplifting and brought so many new connections that I would not have made otherwise. Learning about others’ work habits, struggles, successes/failures, learning curves, etc. was rewarding to say the least. I loved meeting up with friends and colleagues I don’t get to see often and making new friends as well. It’s always nice to be in a room with others and not feel like you’re the only one dealing with certain work and even personal time juggling issues, but also to have the time to talk one-on-one with such dedicated and open business leaders was a real highlight. After the year we’ve all been going through with COVID-19, I think this year’s Summit will be even more fascinating, inspiring and bonding than any of us can even imagine!”


And Jennifer Jenkins, president of JJPR, sent me this email after bringing her team to last year’s Summit:
I can’t thank you enough for the amazing experience you gave me and my team this past Friday. We were all blown away by the quality of the speakers and the event. From tactical to soulful – you and your team had it all covered. I honestly can say I have never been to a workshop or conference of any type that was as relevant and spoke to me as much as the CHOICE Summit. We look forward to next year’s event!”


And boy do we have a phenomenal Summit planned for YOU this year! If we’ve learned nothing from COVID-19 this year, it’s the art of the pivot – in life, but especially as it relates to business. We’ve assembled the BEST sessions that are going to strike a nerve, challenge your thinking and provide you with the tools you need to take your best next steps so that you are thriving and growing a sustained, strong business – not just surviving a pandemic. 


Just to give you a sneak peek, here are some of the session themes:


  • Know Your Worth
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Limiting Beliefs and How They’re Affecting our Business Development and Growth
  • Social Media 
  • Developing Digital Product and the Art of the Sales Funnel
  • Transforming Your Digital Brand to Attract High Ticket Clients
  • And so much more…


We’ve built in even more time for networking and connection. And…there’s a fun surprise that you CANNOT MISS! Plus, y’all this is going to be at the INSANELY GORGEOUS Graystone Quarry. We’ve been working tirelessly with them to ensure your safety and health. Graystone is carefully and meticulously following the guidelines of the CDC and the state of Tennessee and has even developed a “Safer Celebrations” plan that we can share with you. We have toured the facility, met with their incredible staff and feel confident in their ability to deliver a fabulous and safe event. Plus, the food is going to be INCREDIBLE!


So mark your calendars and get your tickets for the 2nd Annual Choice Summit on Friday, September 25. One last thing…we have a little treat for you. For ONE DAY ONLY (Friday, August 21 – in honor of my mama’s 80th birthday!) we are having a FLASH SALE. You can purchase your Summit ticket for $199 instead of $299. That’s $100 off! We are only going to do this ONE TIME, so snatch your seat. 


I can’t wait to be with you on Friday, September 25! With a mentality that iron sharpens iron, let’s link arms and be allies, not competitors. Collaboration is the new competition!


    AUTHOR: Heather Adams
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